Landon Donovan Finds the Old Onion Bag

It was June 23rd, 2010 in South Africa and the U.S. soccer team faced Algeria. It was late into the game and American fans were starting to lose hope as it seemed like it wasn’t going to happen for them. Passionate soccer fans were heartbroken, considering the boys got robbed with a few calls and could have made it through with a few decisions made in their favor. Just when everyone was down, Landon Donovan comes to the rescue!

It was a must win situation for U.S.A. in their final game vs. Algeria. This game had American soccer fans biting their nails and caused many pits in stomachs. I know my stomach couldn’t handle it. They had some incredible chances, but nothing was falling for them. Once again, they even had a poor decision made by the ref which took a goal back from them.

England was playing against Slovenia as the U.S. played Algeria. If England won their match, it would force the U.S. into a must win situation. We all knew that England took a lead early in the game and it was unlikely that Slovenia would get the equalizer with England’s strong and experienced backline. As each minute ticked away, it seemed as if the American boys were going home.

In the 90th minute, the U.S. had another counter attack. But this time it actually meant something. The ball was moved from north to south and this play ended with one of the most theatrical moments in U.S. soccer history.

And of course it was Landon Donovan. The leader of the team steps up for the occasion. This goal, as well as the goal in their comeback vs. Slovenia only solidifies the argument that Landon’s the greatest U.S. soccer player of all-time.

With this incredible game winner by the U.S. team, it would put them in first place in their group stage. This means they avoid playing Germany in the 2nd round and will face Ghana. Although Ghana is very strong, they’re definitely no Germany. Not only did it mean we get the easier opponent, but finishing the group stage in 1st place is a first for the U.S. It’s a major accomplishment, especially with England in the group.

This team has more fight in them than other team I’ve seen in the World Cup so far. Hopefully they can bring the same level of intensity to Ghana. The winner of this match plays the winner of South Korea vs. Uruguay. And the winner of that advanced to the Semi-finals. We couldn’t ask for a better draw at this point!

If the U.S. brings their best game to Ghana, they should do just fine. With a win, soccer may just grow a bit more in the U.S. They’ve made it extremely exciting and I’m sure they’ll continue to give us something to talk about vs. Ghana.

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