BEHIND THE CREST | USMNT Crowned Nations League Champs

Moments of adversity can bring the best out of a group. The U.S. Men’s National Team proved that in 2021 Concacaf Nations League Final, coming back twice and using some extra time magic to defeat rivals Mexico 3-2 and claim the inaugural tournament crown.

Go Behind The Scenes of one of the USMNT’s most memorable wins against El Trí in Behind The Crest, presented by Volkswagen.

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23 opiniones en “BEHIND THE CREST | USMNT Crowned Nations League Champs”

  1. Kkkkkkk os mexicanos bravos jogando água na cara do jogador norte americano,na hora que ele foi comemorar o gol. 😂

  2. In the US:

    *Coach speaks calmly: Do you want a trophy?
    *Players respond almost sleeping: Yay…

    In Brazil:

    *Coach yells and slaps players: Do you fucking want a trophy, you bunch of pussies?
    *Players yell: YEAHHHHHH

  3. My favorite goalie. Tim Howard definitely. But there is some exciting players in the USA team. Baby steps for the guys meanwhile the woman are the most dominanting decorated female soccer team in the world. What a difference.

  4. First generation Mexican my parents came to the USA and established in nyc

    My bro always been a supportive nyc fan of everything sports related Knicks giants Mets

    One thing about all they have big marketing names and establishments but lose in big moments when it counts the most

    My brother has been a huge USA soccer team fan and that a big thing here when you choose USA over Mexico .. he always supported Mexico soccer team but when they face each other my brother would catch heat for supporting and rocking his USA colors and dam am I finally happy to see USA take a 3-0 in a calendar year over Mexico

    And can finally say USA has finally won it when it counted the most

    I can’t wait for the world cups to come and win we might Tally up or even win all this class has so much potential and the ones to come like Pepe I really can’t wait

    Pulisic is definitely a captain but the talent we are established is promising

  5. No surprise this is the reason USA ranked 12 in the current table 2021 Nov and most question.. that's a really good young team there building

  6. EEUU durante años an jugado (soker) y por años supieron que no llegarían a ningún lado por eso le pusieron atención a deportes tan sosos ,como el batquet que entre más alto mejor donde contrataron un chino que media casi más de 2 metros y solo era acercarse y colocarla en el aro y así muchos otros deportes que conllevan mucha desventajas. mesi y otros más tienen desventajas físicas pero el fútbol no los discrimina. EEUU siempre an mirado futbol desde una mirilla ,hoy hay más atención pues se an dado cuenta que tienen potencial para llegar a aspirar hacer algo en él futbol ,son los herederos naturales de los creadores del juego más inteligente y participativo, felicitaciones .

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