How Popular Will Soccer Be By Start Of 2026 World Cup? | SI NOW | Sports Illustrated

Is it conceivable that soccer is the second-most popular U.S. sport by the time the 2026 World Cup kicks off? SI Now hosts Robin Lundberg and Amy Campbell debate.
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How Popular Will Soccer Be By Start Of 2026 World Cup? | SI NOW | Sports Illustrated

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41 opiniones en “How Popular Will Soccer Be By Start Of 2026 World Cup? | SI NOW | Sports Illustrated”

  1. One of the reasons it's gaining in popularity is because everybody gets a chance to play it, unlike basketball or American Football, where u have to be really tall or big, that's not fair

  2. I am an american and i fall in love with ((football)) and a fan for La Galaxy and I wish football be the most popular sport in the United States and be one of the best countries in football

  3. Football or Soccer is most popular sport across the world ⚽️⚽️⚽️❤️❤️❤️

  4. From a danish perspective. Football(soccer) will be the common person sport and be the most popular sport in the USA soon. But the nfl will no go anywhere.

  5. I really have tried to watch american sports and just can't get into them. The pace of the games are not enjoyable to watch on tv imo. Baseball is very slow paced, Football stops play every 2 minutes to rearrange the field. Then basketball and hockey have the opposite problem, the pace is too fast. Basketball is just a constant stream of baskets and gets boring imo. and hockey is impossible to watch because the puck is so tiny and moves so fast you are always behind on the action, no time to anticipate a goal, no build up.

    Football/soccer is basically perfectly paced. its always moving, easy to follow and you're able to anticipate what might happen leading to tense build ups and pay offs. Rugby is similarly well paced for watching on tv.

  6. It’s a disgrace us and canada shouldn’t host the wk 2026 they are not soccer country’s. Most of Americans are not interested in soccer, it’s to far away located. The fields are just American football fields.

  7. its great that football is growing in usa but stop changing th name of our beloved sport. Might have to once and for all settle this in the courts.

  8. l think like a soccer fan the next world cup in 2026 will will see big fans everybody remember 1994 world cup in USA this gonna be good for Canada and Mexico too we will see a big fans from big country because soccer is the best sports in the world

  9. I maen, the 1994 World Cup was held during a time where men's soccer was practically nonexistant, and it became the highest grossing and most attended World Cup in history. Now the World Cup will come to an America where soccer is well-established. Hopefully, young stars like Pulisic, Weah, Adams, McKennie, and Sargent can make the game truly mainstream here in America. That being said, if soccer isn't already a top 3 sport in America by 2026, it will be after that summer.

  10. First of all, racism has no place in soccer. Second: all you need in America to get behind soccer is one big TRUE world class soccer superstar that is also american. What does that practically mean? From mandatory to irrelevant, here it is IMO: He has to be considered "indispensable to the club" at one of the top 5 clubs in the world during his career. That means in his prime, while lifting team trophies, he is not only expected to start almost every game but influence it and turn the tide and take you from agony to ecstasy and maybe help the club reach world top 5 or take it from number 3 to 1. It will be irrelevant: his age, his skin color, his religion, where he grew up, how he looks like, what does media think of him. Also irrelevant: if he was truly born in the US or he somehow immigrated into US. If he plays for US Nat Team he has chosen to be american, no one will dispute it. Also irrelevant: how big of a star he is in America in comparison to a superstar in NFL/NBA etc. because he would already be a superstar in another country and widely respected on all other continents. There would be a moment when he stuns those soccer consumers that are the most difficult to convince like former legends or active superstars and then the very next day you will see kids in america in the streets emulating their new biggest star and trying to copy his moves and from those thousands of inspired kids you will see other American superstars emerging and it will snowball from there on. Because in one moment (for which no one knows how hard he worked all his life) he has nonchalantly done "the unthinkable" on the soccer field. In that moment he will have given certain kids a purpose in life, a way out, changing their lives forever. You haven't had that superstar yet and that's ok, it's not like it's easy to achieve. It will happen one day and then no matter how much you try to ignore soccer, you will get sucked in whether you like it or not. Like someone that you were never really sure if you like or not but suddenly he gets viciously attacked by critics and you realize that if you stand by and let them rip into him you are actually enabling them to disrespect you and your ability to judge what is good coming out of your country. Don't forget that soccer is in a unique category of proved phenomenons that can literally stop us from killing each other in world wars (look up Christmas Truce 1914). Cheers to all current and future american soccer fans!

  11. Football /Aka soccer the real football played by using the foot 90%of the time .And not throwing .Is the real deal.

  12. Who really care to watch the Superbowl on Mondays at 3/5 am in the morning in the other side of the planet?. Only the Gringos, Mexico, Canada only because the time zone and maybe few countries around the world. The NFL is a Domestic league, not a Global sport, What countries can watch the Giridon (Correct name of this game in USA) not America because America is NOT a country. Gringos need to take Geography classes America is not a country only in the minds of the Gringos exit this country for them. If they think is a country they are WRONG. Baseball World series come on……… Why do not invite the rest of the world, why gringos are so Arrogant? The MLB is a domestic league.
    The game that brings a Global party even countries that do not participate is the game played with the feet, called F O O T B A L L. The Domestic league called NFL (giridon) is not an interested sport for the vast audience of the World, only for some gringos, Canada or Mexico, and few other countries maybe, in Asia not in Africa not in South America not in Europe few in Australia may be. But a new generation of USA citizens (18/35) will be more interested in the GLOBAL sport, but Old and fat gringos will be interested in their Domestic leagues NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB. The younger USA generations would like to be part of the GLOBAL party, the Old will stay at home watching TV. Who will care to watch the Giridon at 3/5 AM on Monday every year? Who……

  13. Umm more popularity in Youth Soccer than Baseball??? THE LLWS IS THE MOST WATCHED YOUTH SPORTING EVENT IN AMERICA AND JAPAN. I dont see any youth soccer on TV.

  14. NFL’s decline has a lot to do being watered down, altering new rules making the game slower than generations before. I understand the league is trying to protect players but the more “safety rules”, the more water down the NFL will become thus NFL aficionados like myself will tune out. I personally only saw half a game all season long last year i.e., NYG vs DEN. That’s it! I kept informed by highlights & sports news & online articles. Plus I have more responsibilities than previous years which adds to tunning out.

    But I agree with the gentleman when he said NBA & Soccer will be the top two sports in the U.S. before 2026. The NFL will eventually fall as D Juggernaut in U.S. sports eventually.

  15. Don’t worry NFL mafia do not allow to became popular in USA because they gone lose lots of money what a shame

  16. just because the NFL and NBA are falling off doesn't mean their sports are failing. College football and basketball bring in serious money, Bowl Season and March Madness are huge attention bringers. Does college "soccer" even get broadcasted on TV? I've never seen a college "soccer" game in my life. Hell I've seen more college hockey and I live in Tampa, Florida! "Soccer" struggles big time in this country, and the "soccer" that I watch isn't MLS, it's UCL and EPL. Don't get me wrong, in some US cities "soccer" is big, but there's a huge gap between football/basketball and "soccer". Look at the high school level as well. ESPN covers more high school football and basketball than MLS (which gets one game on Sunday at 5). This is the problem I have with US Soccer, they think they're more popular than they are and everything is fine. No, it's not fine, we failed to make the World Cup, we got decimated by Argentina in the Copa 2016 on home soil. MLS and US Soccer need to stop with this arrogance that they're so great and start realizing that they're below mediocre and have Americans watching foreign leagues instead of their own product. The "soccer" that is popular here isn't American, it's foreign, which is sad.

  17. It ain't "soccer"…It's Football, hence the name!…Unlike that toss "thingie" americans call football, first of all, it ain't a Ball!'s egg shaped and it's only kicked once in a while, a while it is when selling commercials!

  18. America needs little search about real name of this sport is called football not soccer read this and pay attention FIFA translate into federation international football association, UEFA translate UNION EUROPEAN FOOTBALL Association, case closed

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