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29 opiniones en “USMNT MARCH WORLD CUP QUALIFYING PRESS CONFERENCE: Gregg Berhalter | March 17, 2022”

  1. The way he looks away when talking about Brooks is very telling. That's not a positive psychological cue. The truth is Gregg is bad at picking players, and likes to test wacky theories on players in important games by playing them out of position. He has an overindulgence for MLS players as if there is something to prove, which isn't healthy for anyone. If he flunks this final test in qualifying he should finally be fired which is long overdue. I'd take Jesse Marsh over Gregg 11 times out of 10.

  2. They should have bright in Jesse Marcsh while they had the chance. Berhalter clearly has favorites and doesn’t even try to hide it.

  3. The best leaders never hold grudges they build confidence and strong belief in the team. Scally,CCV and Brooks should be on this roster simply to have as strong a roster as possible.

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  5. I've been planning on taking my family to the Panama game in Orlando for quite some time now, until I saw that the cheapest tickets to the game are over $200. That is insane! I went to the last World Cup qualifier against Panama on the last cycle and tickets for not that much. Why have the ticket prices gone up so much since then? I can only imagine how much the prices are going to be whenever we host the World Cup

  6. Should call up Jonnathan Gomez as left back option off the bench or as a backup. Need to get thay guy before Mexico! He's a very high ceiling player.

  7. So Pefok and Brooks have been left off the past few WCQ rosters because they don’t play the style that GGG wants to execute. Yet Pefok gets the nod this time while Brooks isn’t given the same “runway” to adjust his playing. Seems like a hypocritical explanation on GGG’s part

  8. Coach Wet Blanket, Billions invested in US Soccer over the last two decades and they manage to find the least charismatic man I've ever seen as their coach (nepotism again with USSF).

  9. Canada will likely get the US to Qatar, Canadian coach wants to finish undefeated I can see Canada getting no less than a tie vs Panama and Costa Rica, and watch theUS get help from Honduras vs Panama Greg will get lucky this window

  10. This coach has cost the US points with his bad decisions, he is arrogant and is a coach that takes things personally so he punishes players that speak out or even if it's done in private.

  11. Too bad Gregg was limited to bringing 27 to training camp. Sounds like some close calls that could have benefitted from seeing the players in person instead of having to imagine what they might be like with the team. Wish CONCACAF wouldn't put a limit on the call-up number.

  12. Can someone buy Gregg a better webcam??? I thought the resolution for the video was set at 240p at first 😂😂

  13. Gregg, do the team a favor, take the boys to Colorado so they can adapt the the high altitude, cause Mexico City is going to make them feel dizzy.

  14. No offense to the centerbacks we called in but gregg has his favorites cuz its no way u don’t call ccv in 🤷🏾‍♂️

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