‘They look MILES ahead!’ What can USMNT do to catch up with teams from CONMEBOL? | Futbol Americas

Sebastian Salazar and Herculez Gomez discuss the difference in quality between CONCACAF and CONMEBOL’s best teams after the USMNT drew 0-0 vs. Uruguay. Both feel there is a lot to be done for Mexico and USMNT to catch up with the likes of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

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43 opiniones en “‘They look MILES ahead!’ What can USMNT do to catch up with teams from CONMEBOL? | Futbol Americas”

  1. They’re NOT miles away.

    Uruguay is in great form , but even they couldn’t beat an in form USA (apparently inferior). Mexico is going through a very bad patch and Uruguay beating further highlights it.

    Ecuador who qualified and was a stiff test to them , almost lost to this Mexico. Panama got embarrassed, but they had their C Team in the field ( go research it).

    That friendlies were not a test, let’s wait again until we have a real competition amongst the regions. They’re are ahead of us , but Brazil / Argentina / Uruguay and even Ecuador are in better form.

  2. USMNT did good. Uruguay played most of the match with their C team. In the last 20 min still missing 2 key players. Also alonso was trying some new tactics. Concacaf has a lot catching up to do as a whole. Also keep in mind that Uruguay is not the strongest team in South America. if this match was played against Brazil or Argentina it would have been a whole other story.

  3. Mexico and US need to go back to competing in CONMEBOL playing against the same central american teams and is not doing them any favors. Need to start challenging themselves vs being comfortable making money in US based competitions or Nations League its really a joke. Let the younger teams continue to play themselves and continue to support growth in the region but do not put all your eggs in one basket you can already see the long term effects of not playing a higher competitive soccer region like UEFA and CONMEBOL.

  4. It was a very winnable game for the US. I don't see any problems. Improvements in player quality will lead to improvements in team qualuty.

  5. Respectfully, teams like USA, Mexico and Canada would like to play in CONMEBOL for the elevated level of play in Copa America, but I don't think they would want to form part of CONMEBOL for WC qualifiers. At least in CONCACAF they have pretty much a direct ticket to the World Cup. They don't want to jeopardize that luxury by potentially not qualifying in the much tougher region.
    * Colombia and Chile (twice in a row) failed to qualify this year. Those two are better teams than 🇺🇸 🇲🇽 🇨🇦. Do you really want to form part of CONMEBOL?

  6. they had their chances, no doubt. but it was a flattering result. especially given this was the 2nd string team for 70% of the match.

  7. Have higher expectations for themselves, a coach that actually pushes them and players that don’t settle for the bare minimum expectations.

    That’s the only way you compete with South America.

    Which means treating that draw as a failure, because as the home team you were dominated.

  8. Dudes certainly want continued progress, but let’s be real. We just came off not qualifying and now qualifying with a region that’s one of the weakest if not the weakest region. The goals should be in steps…qualify and be top spot in qualifying, then making it through group play and into the knockout round. This should be the goal. Then next World Cup qualify number one in region , then move through group to knockout and win at least first knockout. Brazil and Argentina they approach the World Cup attempting to win, it would be silly for the fans to have that approach, the players even if they come out and say they are trying to win it, they would all be
    pleased including the coach and federation of we made it to knockout round and lost first match.

  9. Focus on the youth soccer programs…..and stop the money grabbing schemes at the youth level and follow the European method….until they correct soccer at the youth level,the sport will never get better. They are more concerned about the money at the developmental age

  10. Aaron Long is an effing joke of a player. Scally was too green and nervous. And Walker Zimmerman, the most overrated CB by far looked shakier than Long. Yedlin was awful with turning over the ball. Yeah we are not doing much in Qatar other than exiting in the first knockout stage. Berhalter is out of his depth.

  11. "Miles ahead?" The USMNT's record vs. Ecuador since 1986 is 2 wins, 4 draws, one loss. Not one of those 7 games was decided by more than one goal. It would be difficult to imagine greater parity… except that the US holds a slight advantage, by one win.

  12. 🇲🇽 and 🇺🇸 should leave concaf and join comebol. That simple or simply join the America together to one confederation

  13. Uruguay played against the reserve team not even the full starting 11 is going to play in the World Cup

  14. super easy comebol and concacaf should unite. I know Mexico will lose it's assure pass to the world cup every four years but it would do wonders for everyone involve and if done correctly this new confederation would be stronger that Europe.

  15. It would be great if USA and Mexico joined CONMEBOL, I know it's almost impossible but it'd be the true confederation of America with the strongest teams on this side of the pond

  16. Hercules needs some people with him who will oppose him bruh acts like a cheerleader instead of a analyst

  17. It's difficult/impossible to feel opitistic after watching the Uruguay game. I'm not a fan of keystone cops soccer/football. If there's been a more disorganized U. S. performance, I've never seen it. I agree that we are "lucky" to play in Concacaf. If the U. S. Men's team were competeing against European national teams, we wouldn't get anywhere near qualfiying for the World Cup torunament. I've said it before and I'll say it again! As long as the U. S. team players are being selected, trained and coached by Americans, we are dead in the water. It's not our talent that's killing us; it's our management/coaching and politics.

  18. South American teams will be better because they play better competition all the time. The USA and Mexico have always played secondary teams and island teams whose talent gap is so huge. The USA has to find a way to play South American teams way more often

  19. The only way to catch up to the conmebol is to have the USA play in the Copa America instead of the Gold Cup

  20. Okay Conmebol Argentina Brazil and Uruguay yes they are miles ahead MILES ahead.

    But this USMNT can compete with the rest.

  21. Also keep in mind Uruguay did not start their starters and still played a more quality game away from home, the US play all of their friendlies at home, in WC qualifying the US could not take those teams easily when playing away. The US need to leave their comfort zone if they want credibility.

  22. I think Copa America should be every 4 years and include CONCACAF and CONMEBOL. Maybe do gold cup as like a B tournament for some of the teams that don’t qualify for Copa America. I think it would be much better for all the top teams especially with World Cup qualifying being easier now.

  23. Take part in Copa America. USA, Canada and Mexico must definitely take part in the next copa America edition in 2024 since they will not be going thru a qualification process for the 2026 World Cup.

  24. If we want to move forward we need to play South America teams more often, concacaf isn't strong enough to move forward.

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