USA v Germany | 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup | Full Match

Fans voted in numbers on Twitter to have their favourite World Cup matches streamed on YouTube. Now, it’s time to enjoy these classic games with fans across the globe.

We’re going back to Canada 2015 to revisit an iconic FIFA Women’s World Cup semi-final between USA and Germany, where goals from Carli Lloyd and Kelley O’Hara ensured a USWNT victory.

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46 opiniones en “USA v Germany | 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup | Full Match”

  1. 1 foul to Alex Morgan and 1 foul to Carli Lloyd and no penalty, inside the 18 yards. What Is the problem with the assistants referee and the Main referee? Germany should have now only 9 players 2 red cards, where are they?

  2. Maier has a yellow card already and she keeps on doing fouls and no penalty. At the same moment one of the german players holding with both arms, one on Alex Morgan and the other on Carli Lloyd. To penalty inside the 18 yards.

  3. AS usually Germany playing very dirty, two of the player should have RED cards for committing so many fouls.
    The referee was too soft and letting things happen.

  4. I wonder how many "fans" realize the greatest goal keeper in Women's World Cup is playing?
    Nadine Angerer played every minute of Germany's 2007 Cup win… And gave up ZERO goals.
    She also stopped every pk in the tournament fired at her goal.

  5. American'$ women's soccer ⚽⚽⚽ players ??? Are better than
    American ? o ?♂️man soccer player$.
    Germy is just opposite way.
    I ???????????????????? love them.

  6. 2 Веле силе…l
    Mean soccer the great ????? power.
    My ????? favorite ?? oh yeah sport is ? right now ? female ???????? soccer ⚽ ok ☺️.
    I love You and only YU!

  7. Visited Germany courtesy of the US Army back in my younger years. Loved Bavaria, loved the people and really loved the food. Still schnitzel fan.

  8. For all the whiners about the foul on Alex Morgan somehow not deserving a penalty at 1:17:03: A foul that starts outside the penalty box but continues in it calls for a penalty kick by rule. The blatant impedance clearly went on in the box. PENALTY KICK & YELLOW CARD – CASE CLOSED

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  10. I watched this game live from the stadium, I'll never forget how the entire stadium erupted when Sasic missed the penalty. Amazing memories 🙂

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  12. Alemania es y sera mejor que Estados Unidos, por qué tienen la copa del mundo en la rama femenil y varonil, en cuanto ah Estados Unidos solo demuestra su potencia en la copa femenina por qué en la varonil no lo logrará , ??

  13. Ha! My closed caption is so funny when translating the German language to said, "The spiel look like Brian" , and the "Garage slide let the horses we're to photography" …the heck?

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  15. This is my favorite game from the 2015 world cup. I remember feeling like the German team was a brick wall that we needed all the luck in the world to defeat. It was an amazing and dynamic game that kept me on my toes the whole time. I feel the excitement every time I watch it. KO's goal is the icing on the cake of this exciting game! I believe that we will win every time! 🙂

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