USA’s World Cup Draw, USMNT chance to escape Group B with Alexi Lalas | Soccer | THE HERD

FOX Soccer analyst Alexi Lalas joins Joy Taylor to discuss the 2022 World Cup. Alexi starts with the USMNT’s World Cup draw, the challenges of advancing to the round of 16. Group B features England, USA, Iran and the winner of the final play-in between Ukraine vs. Wales or Scotland. Alexi also talks about the pressure USA faces after missing the 2018 World Cup and Christian Pulisic’s influence.

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USA’s World Cup Draw, USMNT chance to escape Group B with Alexi Lalas | Soccer | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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34 opiniones en “USA’s World Cup Draw, USMNT chance to escape Group B with Alexi Lalas | Soccer | THE HERD”

  1. Coming from an european who watch the english players play in top leagues every week. If the USA national team underistimates this England team you will be beaten 5-0 or worse

  2. Wow Alexi really doesn't like England does he ? God I hope we smash USA into the dirt. From an England fan !!

  3. Wales are better than USA. Scotland are an underrated side also, Steve Clarke would be one of the best p4p managers in the whole tournament. Ukraine aren't great if they get there great but even seeing them there would be so heart-warming.

    Top two will be England and Wales for me. USA will probably beat Iran but come a narrow third.

  4. in FUTBOL….ANYTHING can happen….trust me….ill be watching…and i know the whole world is going to be also…THE ONLY SPORT THAT HAS MOST FOLLOWERS AND IS WATCHED …..just EL CLASICO BETWEEN REAL MADRID VS BARCELONA PULLS AN AUDIENCE OF ONE BILLION alone….NOTHING LIKE IT….

  5. I don't think the U.S. will get out of the group stage. My picks are England winning the group and either Scotland, Wales, or Ukraine finishing in second place.

  6. We (England) may have a stacked team for the WC but we also have a long history of chocking it in almost every completion, so I if do win don't think you're all that. We got knocked out in the round of 16 by ICELAND! Also the rivalry you think you have with us cracks me up because it doesn't exist. England v Germany & England Argentina, now those are rivalries!

  7. bro England are favourites to win the WC this year, so many young talents we have. Legit 3 of the best right backs in the world are English (Trent, Reece and Walker)

  8. England better in some aspects? in what aspect are they worse? You're talking about the 5th ranked side in the world, who were runners up in the Euro's and reached the World Cup Semi final.

    I don't think these American football pundits know much about football.

  9. You know… a lot of different football talk shows have at least acknowledged human rights violations in Qatar… but really, only praise… says a lot about the United Staes, a lot… I hope Iran knock the USA out… would be a much deserved victory after what the US did in 1954.

  10. USA is gonna finish last in this group. No way they can beat England, Iran, Wales, Ukraine or Scotland

  11. I don't recognise the England that Lalas is talking about. They seem a pretty humble and likeable team.

  12. Only Europeans and South Americans have the won the World Cup so I know for sure that the confederations of North America , Africa, and Asia will NEVER win a World Cup.

  13. Man, I love the sentiment from US fans, but chalk the England game down as an L. I really think England could win the World Cup. We are not going to get lucky like in 2010. The Iran and third fixture vs Ukraine/Scotland/Wales are MUST WIN games for the US to have a prayer at advancing.

  14. Jesus christ, Alexi Lalas speaks like a wrestling heel. He's so cocky and over-confident about everything.

  15. Don't sleep on Scotland or Wales. I'm English and I'd rather play the USA than our neighbours to the north and west

  16. Barely a minute in and he's talking about the US beating England haha The players that dont even get selected into the England World Cup squad would walk all over the US team

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