BEHIND THE CREST: USMNT Qualifies for 2022 World Cup

In one of its strongest performances ever on Costa Rican soil, the USMNT fell 2-0 to Los Ticos, but still punched its ticket back to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Go inside the match and celebration in Behind The Crest, presented by Volkswagen.

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32 opiniones en “BEHIND THE CREST: USMNT Qualifies for 2022 World Cup”

  1. I’m sorry you’ll have to share half your money with the womens team. Makes you wonder why you’re working so hard just to have the reward taken.

  2. As a non American living in a very football based country lol. every time I look at the American team and always think, If football/soccer was a bigger sport in the US, they would definetely be among the best of the world.

  3. I'm always impress to see that eventhough soccer of football isn't popular compared to baseball, basketball, football etc. yet they are able to qualify for the world cup. So i'm gonna support US along with Mexico, Japan, and England in 2022 world cup.

  4. Only USA celebrate a lose as a Victory, they practically lost the 2 last games, I hope it dose not affect his performance for World's cup

  5. Keep these videos coming please. Team has done such a great job with the men and women. Be cool to see some more of both men and women’s youth teams too

  6. yes qualifying is great but to lose to Costa Rica & be behind Mexico in the standings which has played awful … This is the way to go into a world cup?

  7. You guys deserved this! I wish you the best on Qatar, greetings from 🇲🇽 Contrats! 💪🏻

  8. TIP USA if you want to be taken seriously & produce the best talent. QUIT THE PAY TO PAL MODEL. The best talent doesnt come from rich ivy league kids

  9. Love this team, but not a big fan of celebrating like that after a loss. On to the World Cup. Go USA!

  10. You should treat a loss like a loss no matter what. If they lose 0-2 in the world cup, you're basically eliminated

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