MLS Soccer Success

Among all other sports, soccer is the most popular sports in the United States and with the popularity of the game, a lot of teams have been organized in different countries around the world like the MLS soccer. The Major League Soccer MLS is the most leading professional soccer league formed in the United States. MLS was founded in 1996 just after the United States hosted the 1994 FIFA World Cup. The Major League Soccer is already in its 13th season in 2008 and is extremely growing in numbers over a period of time and has expanded in numbers. Because of the increase of its teams, the MLS decided to construct soccer stadiums. Since then, the league has moved aggressively to create more custom-built venues for its teams. These stadiums had been constructed to accommodate spectators about 18,000 and 30,000 seating capacities. The stadiums’ structural designs are mostly based on concepts of some of the finest soccer venues in Europe.

In 2008, a competition is scheduled which will be participated by eight of the 14 teams of the league which will be held on various stadiums built for professional soccer. In the same year, the Real Salt Lake will be opened and in the following year, the Red Bull Park stadium will also debut. On 2010, Kansas City Wizards stadium is scheduled to open its newly constructed facility.

With the overwhelming popularity and the demand for media coverage of MLS, it has signed a long term national television agreement with television networks such as the ABC and ESPN, Univision, HDNet, Fox Soccer Channel and Fox Sports en Español. In addition, all of the MLS teams also have regional television agreements wherein every match will be televised either nationally or regionally.

With the popularity that was gained by the league, a lot of investors and sponsors coming from big companies had been attracted. This leads to the continuous success of the MLS.

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USA 6-2 Panama Highlights | Nov. 16, 2020 | Wiener Neustadt, Austria – Wiener Neustädter Stadion

A youthful, energetic U.S. Men’s National Team scored in bunches to top regional rival Panama 6-2 in Austria. The American attack exploded for two sets of three goals in the span of eight minutes, both midway through the first half and late in the second.

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Alex Morgan & Megan Rapinoe on Winning the World Cup & Equal Pay

Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe from the USA Women’s Soccer Team talk about winning the World Cup, why the team is so good, fighting for equal pay, their victory coming at the perfect time, and since they won’t be visiting the White House, Jimmy surprises them with the Donald Trump fast food treatment.

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Alex Morgan & Megan Rapinoe on Winning the World Cup & Equal Pay


Nations of the World – National Teams

Costa Rica

Did you know- Like Mexico, USA, and Trinidad & Tobago, Costa Rica sent soccer players to the FIFA World Cup in Germany in 2006. On that occasion, CR was one of the world’s 31 best national squads. But before it could do that, by 2004, the national team qualified for the Olympics in Athens, the capital city of Greece.


Did you know – Like Italy, Brazil and Argentina, Germany is listed among the World’s best teams. Out of 19 competitions, Germany won three times. Between June 16 and July 4, 1954, it won its first international event when the German team captured the V World Championship in Switzerland. In the final match, they beat Hungary 3-2. Curiously, in the preliminary round, it lost 8-3 to Hungary. This was the first time in which a nation other than Uruguay and Italy had won the FIFA World Cup. Two decades later, by 1974, the men’s soccer team of West Germany, led by its star Franz Beckenbauer, won its second global title by beating Holland 2 to 1 in the final game. Subsequently, in 1990, the national squad came in first place in the Men’s Soccer World Cup in Rome, Italy.


Did you know- For political reasons, the government of Ghana -an international known opponent of apartheid in the 20th century- did not send a national team to the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Canada. Later on, by 1992, Ghana’s national football squad won its first ever Olympic medal when it finished third in the Olympiad in Barcelona, Spain. Soccer is the country’s national passion.


Did you know- The men’s soccer team from Honduras won the third place, bronze medal, in the Central American and Caribbean Games in Havana, the capital city of Cuba, in 1930.


Did you know- To prepare for the Asian Championships, the under-20 national soccer team visited Brazil, one of the world’s best known soccer centres, in October 1978. Later on, throughout the 1980s, Kuwait, encouraged by Emir Sheik Jabir Al-Ahmad al-Jabir as-Sabah, competed in two international events. Firstly, it qualified for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. On that occasion, the men’s football team of Kuwait finished sixth, outpacing Algeria, Nigeria, Colombia, and other countries. Then, in 1982, the Arab nation, by virtue of its triumph in the Asian Tournament, sent soccer players to the FIFA World Cup in Madrid, Spain. In the course of the tournament, Kuwait lost to France and England. However, in one of the most memorable moments in Spain’82, Kuwait tied with Czechoslovakia (Olympic gold medalist in 1980) 1-1.

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USMNT vs. Bosnia & Herzegovina: Highlights | Dec. 18, 2021

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Landon Donovan – Rising For the Occasion

As the minutes ticked away, the chances for the U.S. World Cup squad to advance was getting more and more unlikely. In many fans minds, it was over even though we kept attacking. All I could think about was waiting another four years for them to get another chance to prove themselves to the soccer World. But there it was -the changing moment. Landon Donovan’s 90th minute goal is arguably one of the best moments in U.S. soccer history!

The U.S. needed a win against Algeria and they got it. If there’s ever a way to describe what a nail biter is, this game was exactly that. One shot banged off the right post, an open net opportunity was missed, a chance to head the ball home and a goal was even overturned. The call that was overturned was extremely questionable, but we’ve dealt with this before (against Slovenia!).

As the British squad took an early lead in their game, it meant with a win England was through and the U.S. must win to advance. As each minute went by and each opportunity was missed, it looked less likely that the U.S. would advance. Even coach Bradley was quoted saying «maybe it’s not our night.»

It took 12 seconds to put the game winner together. They moved the ball from one end of the field to the other and left the U.S. fans with something to talk about. This game winner was probably the biggest goal and most dramatic game winners in the 94 years that the U.S. Men’s National Team has been playing.

It was the U.S. soccer legend, Landon Donovan. If anyone could have predicted who would score the game winner, all fingers would have been pointing his way. Landon goes down as possibly the greatest U.S. soccer player of all time. If you’re not sure about this, then check out the U.S.A.’s two biggest goals this World Cup.

This game winner meant more than just advancing to the next round. It also meant that we finished the group stage ahead of England and on top of the tables for the first time in the modern era. The round of 16 match will be played vs. Ghana, the team that sent us home in the previous World Cup.

One thing you can count on with this U.S. squad is fight. This team doesn’t give up. They came back to tie it against England. They came back against Slovenia down 0-2 at halftime to tie it up and could have won if the ref made the right call. They also fought against Algeria until the final whistle and it sure paid off.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed against Ghana and hope that we can get through to the next round. The boys deserve it and it would make a huge impact on U.S. soccer.

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The Rolling History of the Soccer Ball

The phrase ‘play ball’ has most probably emerged from our natural instinct to kick at anything we find lying on the ground, be it paper, plastic or a rubber ball. In the olden days, people even kicked heads for fun. The Chinese in the Ts’in and the Dan dynasties invented animal skin balls between 255BC -220 AD, which they dribbled between two poles through gaps in nets. The ancient Egyptians conducted rituals which resembled a football and the Greeks and Romans also played similar games.

Even the South Americans Indians knew the use of a light elasticized ball. During the pre – medieval times, people of an entire village took to kicking a skull into the square of another village, as a favorite past time. The bladder of pigs was inflated and used for playing. Hence the shape and size of the ball depended on the pig’s bladder, so the trajectory of the ball when kicked could not be predicted. This habit of kicking slowly saw the evolution of the first ever rubber ball in 1855, when Charles Goodyear, after patenting vulcanized rubber, made the first ever rubber ball, which now stands displayed at the National Soccer Hall of Fame in Oneonta, NY, USA.

In 1862, H. J. Lindon, invented the first inflatable rubber bladders for balls. The next year, the newly created football association chalked out the rules of the game. By 1872, it was agreed that the ball would be ‘spherical with a circumference of 27 or 28 inches’ and would weigh 13 to 15 oz, which exists even today in the FIFA rule book. In 1937, the weight was increased to 14 to 16 oz. According to the Encyclopedia of Association Football which was first published in 1956, the ball has to be spherical with and outer casing of leather or other approved materials, while the size and weight has remained constant till date.

The founding of the English Football League in 1888 gave a fillip to the mass production of soccer balls, with Mitre and Thomlinson of Glasgow being the first two companies to begin manufacturing. Retaining the shape of the ball was imperative, so good quality leather covers were made from the rump of the cow. The 20th Century brought changes in the design as interlocking panels replaced the large leather sections that met at the north and south of the ball.

The color of the soccer ball in the 1950s used to be orange so as to make it visible while playing on snow. In 1951, the first white ball was played with using floodlights. By 1980s, leather was totally replaced by synthetic material. The present 32 panel soccer ball in white and black is the invention of Richard Buckminster Fuller, consisting of 20 hexagonal and 12 pentagonal surfaces. This soccer ball was first marketed by Select in Denmark in the 1950s and the first official FIFA world cup soccer ball – the Adidas Telstar was used in the World Cup at Mexico in 1970.

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USMNT vs. Costa Rica: Highlights | October 13, 2021

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The Super Eagles of Nigeria World Cup Journey From USA 1994 to South Africa 2010

It was a delightful crop of players that stormed the 1994 World Cup, brushing aside Bulgaria and Greece 3-0 and 2-0 respectively before succumbing to the superior power of the Argentinian 2-1.

The Super Eagles however topped their group and qualified for the second round where they played former world champions Italy.

Nigeria was within one minute of qualifying for the Quarter finals of the 1994 world cup in the game against Italy, when Roberto Baggio scored to take the game into extra time. He also scored the winning goal for Italy.

In 1998 France hosted the World Cup, with Nigeria qualified alongside Cameroon, Morocco, Tunisia, and South Africa for a second consecutive time.

With optimism running so high due to the return of most 1994 squad members, the Super Eagles created one of the biggest upsets in football history in their opening game, by defeating Spain 3-2, in a pulsating encounter at the La Beaujoire stadium in Nantes France, where creative midfielder Sunday Oliseh scored one of the best goals of the tournament through a blistering 45 meters cannon from outside the 18 yard box, to beat veteran Spanish goalkeeper Zubizereta, who was forced to go into retirement. That victory propelled the rating of the Super Eagles World wide, and Sunday Oliseh goal was celebrated in major television stations worldwide as a classical masterpiece.

The Super Eagles then went ahead to qualify for the second round with win against Bulgaria 1-0, despite losing their last group match 3-1 to Paraguay.

Their hope of making it to the last eight was shattered by Denmark who walloped the Super Eagles 4-1 in the second round encounter.

The 2002 FIFA World cup co-hosted by Korea and Japan saw Nigeria Qualifying for the third straight time with great optimism.

With a brand new squad and a new indigenous coach Onigbinde Adegboye, Nigerians back home had so many reasons to be hopeful of a good outing.

The Super Eagles were drawn in group F that was then regarded as the «group of death» alongside Sweden, Argentina, and England.

It was an early flight home for the Super Eagles after successive defeat in the hands of Argentina 1-0 and Sweden 2-1.

A scoreless draw against England was not good enough for a second round ticket.

The Super Eagles narrowly missed out on qualification for the 2006 World Cup.

The group’s sole ticket was grabbed by Palancas Negras of Angola, which had a superior goal difference than the Super Eagles.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup which was hosted by South Africa did not go as expected, as Nigeria was humbled 1-0 by a resilient Argentina side which was inspired by Lionel Messi. The goal margin would have been more, but for the heroic of goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama. In their second match, the Super Eagles were once again defeated by an under performing Greece 2-1 before they managed a 2-2 draw with South Korea. The solitary point was not sufficient to take Nigeria to the second round.

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