Hope Solo Live Reaction To US Soccer Suspension

Hope Solo Moments After Learning of Her Suspension From US Soccer | The goalkeeper is visibly angry after learning her career with U.S. Soccer is over.

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47 opiniones en “Hope Solo Live Reaction To US Soccer Suspension”

  1. Maybe she is difficult ? Maybe that was the reason , people that she works with said enough of this one ???

  2. I'm riding with Hope Solo. I'm not perfect and I'll never pretend to be. Hope is the greatest at what she does, and the inspiration she's given so many cannot be ignored. I truly believe in her. She's a hero because she earned that respect. I'm a man and men get away with far more with NO consequences?The people that are maliciously bashing her are the people you should be worried about?All my sister's keep your head's up?

  3. Abby Wambach said it was a "life time achievement" for all the other issues. Yes she is the greatest goaltender of all time, but enough is enough. Consequences

  4. the termination was a bit extreme
    i understand that she has said some unprofessional things about sweden and other things
    she’s still an amazing goalkeeper who will go down in history
    she should’ve atleast gotten a warning and a normal 3-6 month suspension
    as was said
    a termination is way to extreme

  5. Cristiano Ronaldo has a rape allegation and everybody turns a blind eye to it, then a female footballer; Hope Solo calls somebody ‘cowards’ and her soccer career is ended- all them years of hard work and determination destroyed, how is this in anyway fair? People need to open their eyes and cop on.

  6. I say 95% of the hate comments are guys because they don’t understand women she put her everything into this sport she didn’t deserve it maybe a couple of months sure but all this crap saying ugly cry baby and all that stuff well that’s not right would u like it if u got suspended because of something U said I don’t think y’all wouldn’t and I would be mad and upset too just saying

  7. The WORST decision of the US legue! THEY don't consider her sacrifice and love for USA WOMENS soccer team for many many years! Mistake is human …..She'is human. STUPID BUROCRATIS !sorry for my bad ENGLISH BUT I'm not American…

  8. I think a fine, suspension, mandatory therapy with a warning of 1 last chance or be cut should have been the verdict.

    That was extreme
    considering what she's given to the sport.

  9. Yeah Jeremy, go get her blunted and high on the drugs you were suspended for. Both of these classless losers deserve each other

  10. You've done this to yourself hope we thought these young girls looked to u as a role model but think again

  11. I don't know what happens but if she cries then what she found was enough and justified any unwanted attitudes later such as overheated statements

  12. People in the comments she didn’t do what u think she did what she did was having a bad attitude and I don’t think she deserves to be suspended bc that’s bull everyone has there bad moments

  13. Hope you should try acting since soccer and family is going downhill, I think you'll make a great villain,or psycho

  14. It's time for her to call it a career now she can be like a useless Kardashian with a reality T.V. show. Oh don't forget start butt injections.

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