USA vs. Morocco Reaction: Is Brenden Aaronson the USMNT's best player? | EP 229 | SOTU PODCAST

Alexi Lalas and David Mosse kick off the podcast with a look at the USMNT game vs. Morroco, why Brenden Aaronson is quickly becoming a locked in starter, and breakdown who impressed them the most. Later the guys give their thoughts on Messi’s incredible performance vs. Italy in the 2022 Finalissima.

00:00 Intro
00:54 USA vs. Morocco
02:59 USMNT Squad Breakdown
10:12 Brenden Aaronson
14:17 Tim Weah/Haji Wright
18:22 Pulisic’s USMNT FanComments
25:12 Italy vs. Argentina Finalissima
30:21 Can Argentina win the World Cup?
32:15 Did Italy get a wake up call?

Listen to the podcast:

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USA vs. Morocco Reaction: Is Brenden Aaronson the USMNT’s best player? | EP 229 | SOTU PODCAST

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29 opiniones en “USA vs. Morocco Reaction: Is Brenden Aaronson the USMNT's best player? | EP 229 | SOTU PODCAST”

  1. After listening to your podcast, I know why Gregg is going with Sean Johnson for the game against Urguay. Zach Stephan is out of the goal-keeping job. Use see Zach has been struggling with his mentality. Sean Jhonson will be the USMNT backup goals keeper after Matt Turner. I don't understand why Ethan has been left out of this goalkeeper.

  2. My best 11:
    GK: Turner
    Defenders: Dest, Brooks, Richards, Robinson
    Midfield: Adams, Mckennie, Reyna, Aaronson
    Forwards: Pulisic, Weah
    First off bench: Jesus, Musah, Scally, Zimmerman, LDLT

  3. Long is just not good enough. An injured Brooks is better than a 100% Long and Long is not 100% he looks lost

  4. Hard to say he’s the best, but the effort and energy he puts into the game makes me think he’s one of our best.

  5. I will not put Aaron Long and Zimmerman together. Long is not fast and his positioning is suspect. Hope he doesn’t feature against Uruguay.

  6. Yes, Aaronson is the best usmnt attacking threat.

    Oh, drop the ticket prices! Stop subsidies for the uswnt, let them make their own money and get paid off that.

  7. I think with Gio Reyna being injury prone and Pulisic not being consistent at times… Maybe Aaronson might be our main guy

  8. To me, and I get that people will disagree for various reasons, but I don't mind having a smaller singular forward, especially if he's surrounded by a bunch of attacking mids. All this to say, Aaronson may be the most skilled finisher on the team and could fill that role solidly. Pulisic, McKennie, and Weah should be the attacking mids that set up Aaronson, whose plenty skilled enough and quick enough to create enough space for goal scoring opportunities. I dont think Gio Reyna has been healthy enough to rely on him with that main midfield group, but he could be a great super-sub in the WC along with Luca De La Torre

  9. ***(GREGG BERHALTER)****

    you have 2 Continue 2 IMPROVE the USMNT Ball (PASSING and OFFENSE) Technical skills of the USMNT.

    The Best DEFENSE, is keeping the Balls away from the other Team, with BALL POSSESSION and accurate PASSING, and Ball MOVEMENT.

  10. ***(GREGG BERHALTER)**

    have 2 Continue 2 IMPROVE the USMNT Ball (PASSING and OFFENSE) Technical skills of the USMNT.

    The USMNT must become better OFFENSIVE BALL SKILLS.

    Consistent Accurate Ball PASSING and BALL MOVEMENT all the time. That is what the USMNT has 2 b KNOWN 4.

  11. ***(GREGG BERHALTER)***

    have 2 Continue 2 IMPROVE the USMNT Ball (PASSING and OFFENSE) Technical skills of the USMNT.

    Because ALL the TOP team in the World, have Top TECHNICAL OFFENSE ball passing and SCORING ability. And the USMNT must become better OFFENSIVE BALL SKILLS.

  12. I'm glad he's on the team, he works hard, but he's not even in our top 3. His goal was one of the most impressive things any of us have ever seen from the USMNT, and it was all because of a perfect deep ball followed by insane skill from Pulisic.

  13. Aaronson isn’t the best USMNT player. But if you weigh both club performance and class, he is the most productive American on earth. Key starter for a champions league team, also putting up goals and assists. The guys who are better are less influential to their teams, the guys who are more influential are on worse to backwater teams.

  14. He’s not our best player, but he appears to be a best XI player, so Berhalter should figure out a shape and system that suits his strengths, which I think is now being explored.

  15. America has to be the only soccer team in the competitive world to celebrate seriously a lackluster exhibition game. This is why we don’t get no respect for teams and players. The media plays a big hand in that too.

  16. no he is not. The reason why no one respects our soccer teams is because we celebrate any guy that scores a goal. We treat any goal scorer like David Beckham even though the player isn’t experience enough and doesn’t have the skills to compete against the World. America after almost 30 years of soccer has still have a weak mentality when it comes to always having to force a lackluster player on us. The world won’t respect our soccer teams because they don’t respect the way we look at the sport in general. These pendants are always ready to champion the next player as the best. How about when on a consistent basis first then stop trying to give us these preppy soccer mom van players as the north face of team USA soccer.

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