Why USA Soccer Lost The Recruiting Battle For Jonathan Gonzalez

Monterrey midfielder Jonathan Gonzalez chose to represent Mexico over the United States in his international soccer career earlier this week. This week on the «NESN Soccer Show,» Marc DiBenedetto and Marcus O’Mard tell you why U.S. Soccer failed in this recruiting battle. For the full podcast:

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  1. As an American of Mexican descent I consider this a disgrace & a slap in the face for U.S. Soccer. In my eyes he will be viewed as a traitor to the country that he was born @ & refused to represent on the national team. I have much more respect for Greg Garza, Joe Corona, Hercules Gomez, Francisco Torres, Omar Gonzalez, Edgar Castillo among other Mexican-American players who have represented the stars & stripes in the international stage for U.S. Soccer.

  2. He should have played for USA. That’s why people don’t consider Hispanics American, because they see us choose a country our parent fled rather than the country that gave us opportunity.

  3. México over usa any day. You can really get to feel and love mexican culture, diferent to American culture which is non existent. It was just a personal decisision

  4. La US quiere a un jugador hecho en las filiales de Monterrey, un jugador hecho, y haciendo carrera en México. Christian Pulisic Tuvo que hacer carrera en Alemania por que si en México la liga prioriza a extrangeros la NASL y la MLS estan peor.

  5. Trump is like, do not worry usmnt I will fly to Norwegian and I will bring you the whitest hombre to play for us..

    Blame Trump, he bought the recruter a fly ticket to Norwegian not Santa rosa.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Epic fail!!

  6. He wanted to play for the USA but they didn't called him for Portugal so now everybody is bitching about it

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