How To Get A Full Ride | College Soccer Scholarship

During my 5 year college career I was very fortunate and privileged to receive 2 full ride scholarships (1 NCAA , 1 NAIA). In the process of transferring twice and playing for 3 schools, I was able to obtain a tremendous amount of information about the correct ways to market yourself as a player. This is everything you need to know about how to gain a full ride soccer scholarship in 2019/2020.


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41 opiniones en “How To Get A Full Ride | College Soccer Scholarship”

  1. Hello Spencer Moeller….I’m an amazing forward I really wanna get a soccer scholarship abroad….but I’m lost I don’t know where to start from can you please help me at…..

  2. My name is Daniel I was born in Ethiopia. now live in Turkey. I have a master's degree in soccer. I need short course. Please help me
    Whats up(+251911625685)

  3. I am 17 years football  player I want to play in a university club how I could do this I'm a very talented player I live in Algeria please help me …i want to be pro in The MLS

  4. bro I'am really worried if i'll even get a scholarship because of covid this is my freshman year and I feel like sports wont be open

  5. I’m 13 years old, the varsity team at my school has already told me that I am a key player for the team next season . I’m one of the best varsity players in my area but I live in a poor town that doesn’t have a camera for games, what should I do because I know I’m good enough

  6. Hi Spencer, I'm a sophomore from Italy and I recently sent out a few emails to coaches with a link to my highlight video. The video is a bit too short and the email is kinda long but do you think I could make up for this "mistake" if I make a much more professional and slightly longer video with a shorter email and send it out around mid-junior year or is that too late? It would really mean a lot to me if you could respond 🙂

  7. if you are a goalkeeper should you include all aspects (Saves, distribution, sweeping, coming for crosses) in a video this short???

  8. Hello i understand you are taking about grades are essential but if you are offered a scholarship and a subject requires a 3.0 gpa do you have to make this grade 100% ?, thanks

  9. Hey Spencer, I'm really curious. I am applying for full scholarships for soccer as a Canadian to U.S. Universities but I'm just sending the emails now… am I too late?

  10. Hey bro tell me this app NCSA if it actually helps out in trying to find college coaches scott and also could you please help me out in editing my video?

  11. Quick question Spencer, I used to be a skateboarder and much like the highlight videos in soccer you needed to create some sort of video compiled with your best footage if you wanted to approach companies about sponsorships. However, companies didn't like skateboarding videos with music in the background and I was wondering if it was the same case for soccer. Do college coaches care if you have music in your highlight video or should it include no music?

  12. Hey @Spencer Moeller thank you for the tips. Do you think it´s possible I get a full ride being that my Gpa is 2.1? Or am I receive a sholarship that I pay 4 dollars per year? Throught of my highlight video?
    Here is my best moments of this year
    I discovered about this program on June of this year, then, I have been studying English and filiming for 6 months.

  13. Hi men, im always watching your videos. I´ve played professionally in mexico but im thinking about look for a USL team. Do you think it would be a good option to try sign with a college for a year so I can stay in US an then make a tryout for a professional team?

  14. my question is how do i make a highlight video in my country there are no leagues of football or clubs that play against each other at youth level its just academies and there is rarely a match so how should i make a highlight video out of it

  15. One question, if you already transfer one time from NCCAA to NAIA and then you want to transfer to NCAA, that would take one year away from you?

  16. Thanks for the video Spencer, also thanks for always cheering on me on the Nike run app hahah so I’m playing at a community college and it’s my second year do you know anything about NCAA eligibility requirements for transfers?

  17. Hey spencer, really enjoy the videos I live in the Uk I’m playing at a good level of football and have really good grades. Do you think there’s much chance I could get a full ride scholarship?

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