Europe vs. USA soccer leagues: Clint Dempsey on finding balance

The Team USA soccer captain and Seattle Sounders FC player shares his views on young players seeking challenges abroad and about his personal experience playing for Major League Soccer.

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7 opiniones en “Europe vs. USA soccer leagues: Clint Dempsey on finding balance”

  1. Bottom line: If you have the opportunity to play in Europe for a division 1 team, you should damn well do it. If you don't have that opportunity, then you should play in MLS until one of those teams notices you.

  2. americans dont want you to play soccer.   I dont get why americans hate soccer so much.  some people hate soccer just as much they hate hitler. i never like the american sports though. another thing is why are most american athletes black. i suppose americans dont care about sports in general. to them sports are lame.

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