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Gregg Berhalter names his roster for the USMNT’s final three games of World Cup qualification on Thursday. Jimmy Conrad, Heath Pearce and Charlie Davies discuss the omissions and analyze the players called upon to face Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica.

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36 opiniones en “USMNT Roster Takeaways | World Cup Qualifiers | In Soccer We Trust”

  1. 4-3-1-2 Diamond: Robinson & Dest. Zimmerman & M. Robinson. Adams, Mckennie & Musah. Gio @ the 10. Pulisic & Weah. Attack centrally… we need our best players on the pitch! With more chemistry & cohesion with this 11 & we’ll be dangerous come the World Cup. LDT & Aaronson first subs.

  2. Yes we all want to make it to the WC but soccer is not like any other sport because we approach things first with passion before anything else. Mexico is the rival, the US has never won a game in the Azteca where Maradona and Pele lifted WC,s, and we need to cement our place as the best team of the two this game. Who flippen cares what happens with players after this game and going into the Panama game. Brazil or Argentina wouldn’t sit their best players if they were in a similar situation, because the rival is in front of you and you have to win! Vamos USMNT!

  3. First of all… I think USA ahould play a defensive game against Mexico on a 4-4-2 format, having Paul Ariola and Jordan Morris as strikers and possible counter strike opportunities… For the following 2 games, they should have the offense trio, Reyna-Pulisic-Weah!!! I'm also surprised that we don't have Gold Cup stars as the likes to Sam Vines and Shaq Moore!!! After watching y'alls mid field selection for what the roster is… For Mexico, we should have Bussio, Adams, and Musah… BAM! Also, I also think CBS should have run this on the network…

  4. Love C. Davies, absence was felt in 2010, would of advanced a couple rounds further and USA was chasing a goal scoring forward for awhile.

  5. jimmy conrad thinks we should be starting tyler adams against mexico at azteca (the least important of the three remaining qualifiers), one yellow card away from suspension, right before we MUST win at home against panama?! that's crazy-talk.

  6. I think usa is going to qualify this time the last time they were afraid to qualify because the world cup was playing in Russia .

  7. Jimmy, you are a joke. "Brooks, we know what he's about." Yeah, Brooks is a consistent, high-level performer in a league that MLS only dreams it can someday be. You should've said "GGG, we know he's about," which is petty grudges and arrogance for not calling up Brooks.

  8. You guys really underestimate LDLT. He has some dog in him and does play well on defense. My biggest concern though is how much mexico takes out of the starters or those with significant minutes. (Altitude )

  9. Why do you guys keep insisting on Acosta at the 8? He's terrible there. It will stall all attacks because he doesn't know how to push up field with the ball at his feet and doesn't have the vision for line breaking passes. Acosta is a respectable 6, playing the Adams role. We need LDT or Reyna at the 8 opposite of Musah. With Pulisic and Weah on the wings, and Pefok (the hot hand) at the 9.

  10. Under no circumstance should Acosta and Adams be on the field together. Acosta is fine at the 6, but should NOT play an 8. It's gotta be Musah and LDLT as 8s. Acosta at the 6 with Adams on the yellow.

  11. I get starting Acosta over Adam’s since he’s got a yellow card but in no way should Acosta play at the 8 if Tyler starts. He offers nothing going forward and that midfield will have very little creativity if Musah Isn’t feeling it. Musah, DLT, Adam’s/Acosta. Simple

  12. Guys good first show but please upgrade Charlie’s mic – he’s far quieter than the rest which makes for a difficult listening experience. Good content – up the tech.

  13. Absolutely no Acosta and Adams at the same time, ever! I think starting against Mexico we go Acosta, Musah, and Torre. I'm not a big fan of Acosta, but believe he can get the job done at Mexico.

  14. Play Tyler and sub him in the 75th or something and let Acosta take a yellow late in the game when it gets feisty then so be it

  15. You play your best against Mexico. Acosta can play against Panama if it comes to that. But you always play your best line-up. We play fast and ruthless, punch this weak Mexico team in the mouth and let their fans eat them alive.

  16. Please keep this trio going forward. One of 3 favorite soccer channels with Futbol America's ,11 yanks , Tactical Manager ??

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