U.S. Soccer and Women Soccer Players settle equal pay lawsuit for $24 million.

U.S. women soccer players, including Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan, have reached a $24 million settlement with the U.S. Soccer Federation following a lawsuit over unequal pay even though they were paid more than the men.

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42 opiniones en “U.S. Soccer and Women Soccer Players settle equal pay lawsuit for $24 million.”

  1. Good, pay them so much that their sponsors can't afford to sponsors them anymore. Pay them so much that the very few fans that they have cant afford to buy tickets anymore. We all know that when the Women's National Soccer League is shut down because of their own greediness, they will just blame men again.

  2. Where does all of this money come from? The USMNT needs to stop charging so much to get involved in the game.

  3. If I were a betting man, I would guess the men who play the world cup don't really care that much about the money. They make their money elsewhere. So the competition to earn a spot is huge. This teaches us that those few women in wnt are basically playing for money. Let's not fool ourselves this only hurts future women soccer generations.

  4. This is gonna set a bad precedent.

    Also does this mean that the men’s soccer team can now sue for pay discrimination? I hope so.

  5. Women's leagues shouldn't even exist, I mean who even watches this boring middle to high school level crap, if it weren't for the far far far more successful men's leagues they leach off of professional women's sports wouldn't even exist.

  6. "Hey look guys, i play football, Cristiano Ronaldo also plays football, Cristiano Ronaldo is a millionaire, where's my money? ArE yOu (insert word)PhoBiC? ArE YoU uSiNg your lOgic? ThAt'S OFfensiVe! I wiLl cAncEL yOu!"

    -probably someone in the future who wants money without understanding how economy works and think he/she is the best

  7. This settlement says a lot considering that the women's team lost a soccer game to a team of 13 year old boys. SMH
    I do not watch women's "soccer" and never will.

  8. When you bring in more money, status, advertising dollars, and footwear deals, your pay should be higher. Why would women want equal pay when they don't bring in the same amount of money?

  9. Watch many average bad men soccer players become trans and play for the woman’s soccer team and make a killing. The woman’s soccer team will be filled with trans woman no actual female.
    This will be fun to watch in the coming years.

  10. I'm pissed the USSF caved, you're 100% right facts don't matter anymore nowadays. Not really a soccer fan but this makes like it even less. I hope the women's team never wins another game again.

    After both CBA's run out USSF should have one deal for both teams!

  11. USSF should look into legal action against any mainstream resources used to propagate the lie. Is there any legal action available for defamation? The documents clearly prove the lies were told. Now they’re paying almost double the debt to save face? Or to retain players still in their prime?

  12. They’re doing it to themselves now. More people watch the men play than the women and unfortunately this will only further that gap. I don’t know a single person that has watched female team USA match. But we had a huge gathering for the mens match years ago in NC. I never could figure out why…

  13. this is not true. at all. the women were paid more in that year because they won so much more. they had to win so much more and play so many more games to get more money than the men. the facts do matter and you got the wrong ones buddy. that judge made an incorrect ruling and that was supported by the USWNT winning the appeal. the women were never presented the men’s salary model, so I don’t know where you got that. USSF published their arguments which included “women are biologically inferior to men and that is why they are paid less.” this is a horrible argument in a gender discrimination case but besides that, USSF agreed they paid women less per game over and over in their published arguments. you have to read all the facts, not just one ruling that was appealed.

  14. What was the disparity in their rankings? Weren't women ranked no.1? What was the men's ranking? Also, from what I understand is that the women's televised events were also drawing more viewers. The pay difference is not very much when in context. I think they made some rash decisions that bit then in the butt. You don't mention these facts.

  15. wow.. just give the illogical victims a pay out. this is fucked up.
    they bring in less money AND STILL THE WOMEN MAKE MORE.
    bitch, if I bale more hay than you .. I GET PAID MORE.
    get it?

  16. Why should women get "equal pay" in sports when the majority of the planet doesn't remotely care to watch them since it's an inferior athletic level than the men's??? (Other than sports like curling and billiards where strength and speed doesn't matter). The majority of the planet wants to see sports played at the absolute best level and THEY'RE WILLING TO PAY to see it which is why men SHOULD be paid more. Facts are facts.

  17. I never played soccer in my life, but I’m having a sex change operation and soon will be the best and highest paid female soccer player on the planet.

  18. Want equal pay get rid of mens or women's sport. Make only sports. Basketball, soccer, ect… only one team! If women make the team earn same pay. If not don't play

  19. I'm wondering how the settlement will be realized. It is contingent on the men and women agreeing to equal contracts. When is the contract due to be signed? The women will want the contract signed asap they can't get their 25 million unless they get the contract. The women may be willing to compromise more because they have that 25 mil. What is the motivation of the men? Why would they agree to a bonus structure that will pay them a small fraction of the money USMS will get from FIFA? What if they get lucky and win the whole thing? They will get the same bonus the women would get. The men are not likely to win but why would they set their bonus at an amount that would be grossly inadequate should it happen?

  20. As far as women and all their yelling about equality. 

    When was the last time you ever saw a "cart girl" at -10 below at any shopping center? 

    When was the last time you ever had Jane the "Roto-Rooter girl" cleaning your drains? 

    When was the last time you ever had Lilly-the "cable girl" fixing your cable or dish? 

    When was the last time you saw "Pam the Plumbs"-crack, bent under your sink?  

    When was the last time you ever saw Sally the power company gal climbing a power pole? 

    On and on you get the picture. They only want the pay, not all the job opportunities that are available! 

  21. Baffling how a NATIONAL TEAM is acting like greedy, slimy, children. Honestly idk if they truly believe their own claims lmao they're so f***ing stupid

  22. “We won more games then the men”
    Yeah you put the men’s US soccer team against those female teams, Most of us wouldn’t be surprised if the men’s team don’t even concede a single goal an entire tournament.

  23. what I've learned about the USWNT soccer is this.
    If you fish long enough for the correct sympathetic liberal Judge, you will get to the promised land.
    when originally this case went before the first Judge. I thought the Judge then was very clear and very correct in Judgement to the USWNT.
    That Judge in my opinion in short talks said, you as in USWNT Soccer, signed a contract that gave you benefits and wages that the Men US Team does not get. You took "guarantees" and the Men took "pay for play".
    That was the gist of my understanding of the two contracts, Men's and Women's for US National Team play.
    What throws this discussion apart is, the USWNT wants to use the calculated Men's World of Soccer to benefit the USWNT world of soccer. This isn't a marriage contract situation of Marital Support. This is, facts. The Men's World Cup in Soccer earns tens of billions of dollars globally in Revenues due to the fan base supporting its sport. On the other hand, the Women's World Cup of Soccer pulled in 400 Million in Revenues. That's a sizable revenues difference between Women's side of the same sport as Men.
    But some how, the USWNT of Soccer has this idea, they are entitled to the revenues collected on the Men's side of the same sport because women kick a soccer ball, run on a field, wear soccer shoes, and boot a ball into a net. Women want equity not reality.
    I guess envy drives people nuts when you look over the fence into the other person's yard. They have a lot of stuff over there and your yard is sparse of goodies. So I suppose, you feel that in the world of equality or equity, you are entitled to the other person's BBQ and Swimming pool toys.

    That's where it is today in the wonderful world of USWNT Soccer, looking over the fence into the other person's yard envying the swimming pool and toys. They want a cut of the other person's stuff and are fishing for a liberal Judge to give them Something For Nothin'. Kinda reminds me of a song.

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