36 opiniones en “Australia v USA – Women's International Friendly (30.11.2021)”

  1. Just a bit physical. To be honest, they all played really well. I play soccer, and there was this one team, who wouldn’t stop. This girl would pull on clothing, wrap her body around other people. Heck, she punched me, not hard or anything but she did get me a little bit, again she didn’t really punch me. More of an attempt at a punch ?. If your not playing fair, then how is this sport supposed to be entertaining or fun?

  2. First goal Australia's midfield falls asleep two players could have tracked back and marked the goal scorer

  3. Amazes me how distracted people get by balls…. I mean for real. you
    people obsess about balls all day.. its sad how brainwashed these people
    are. Get a freaking dog… probably the only creature on the planet
    that likes balls more than these fanatic lunatics. Difference from
    sports fans and their pet dogs… Chances are good the dog can catch
    better even with its mouth… you all make me ashamed to be in the same
    human gene as you ball mongering weirdos…. balls that's what you
    obsess over all day every day… balls… we deserve a rapture. our pets
    are better than professional BALL handlers. sports fans at the bar be
    like. dude that one guy is really good with the balls, the other guy
    might be better! hope he handles balls better and gets drafted!! tell me
    you are not gay without telling me you are…

  4. It twas a good game. The draw for a friendly game. It also started out pretty physical but you know that's how it was.

  5. uswnt passing still needs a lot of work. (there were moments of brilliant passing, but need consistency)
    horan (best player) had a bad game
    fox had a good game.

  6. Great game. But Horan and Lavelle are very very personals. Purce invisible with hatch after his goal. Australia need a better player than Van Egmond for 2023. She's became a problem.

  7. I had to take a nap before the game. I feel like I'm getting old because I woke up in pain.

    I feel like Hatch and Murphy are really proving themselves in these two games. One of my favorites in the NWSL is Fox and I love her here, I feel like she is a valuable player going foward.

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