40 opiniones en “Australia v USA – Women's International Friendly (27.11.2021)”

  1. Noticed Australia have been doing well however Sweden are also doing very well and i see Sweden as a big threat moving forward.

  2. Bad dive by Horan was rewarded by the ref, otherwise great game from her. Lynn Williams doing some good work for the US up top and especially checking back. Murphy might already be our top keeper! Purce had a fantastic run and assist, but was otherwise ineffective on offense. I like Cook and Fox in the back. Australia played well and had better energy all game than the US did but Simon missed that tap-in in the first half. Good action back and forth.

  3. Great game. Announcers need to tone down the talk about age. Speak to the outstanding quality of play, and describe it. All of these players are young women; no need to be disrespectful about age, old or young, it has nothing to do with the quality of play. You could emphasise experience rather than age, or employ some descriptive adjectives about football formations and strategy, but really, having a male announcer speak about the age of female players in this way, plays into gender biased thought, especially when it sounds like a "compliment". Oh, look how young they are, instead of look at their incredible skill. These players work really hard, they are all in various stages of mastery, and none of them have any control over their age. It's just irrelevant and unnecessary. Please take this comment constructively, not personally, we all have been steeped in this way of thinking for decades, centuries and now it seems maybe we can turn a new corner. Respectfully.

  4. I do hope that there will still be a spot for Christen Press. She spent too many of her prime years on the bench. I think she's still got some good soccer left in her.

  5. Even though the USWNT won this game with only 38% possession. They are not going win a World Cup with that kind of possession time. Teams will be much tougher defensively and much better prepared.

  6. a good match (against very stiff competition) for the up and coming ladies that was anchored by some of the veterans.
    There was never a dull moment with the constant attacking offense of Australia and some outstanding goal keeping by Murphy, couple with the fact that at times the match was pretty physical which made it competitively intense.
    Turned out to be quite "the baptism under fire" for the newbies, but they handled it!
    Great learning and teaching match for both the newbies and the coach!

  7. The aussie team is unwatchable- unbelivable how many people are not tuned and yet they want money but for what?

  8. three very soft goals , will be much closer next game . Matildas have to finish there chances. some aussie players look tired.

  9. Weaver ,Balcer,Purce, in front of Rodman ? Really ? lol.

    So with the back for Rapinoe,Morgan,Press etc… She's twenty on the list. I've no words.

  10. I'm so glad that Lindsey Horan inherited Carli Lloyd's number 10. Lindsey is a good human being, an excellent player, and a good teammate.

  11. Australia had good chances to score but there was a wall: Casey Murphy and her imposing 6'1" height. Murphy is, if not the best, one of the best in the USA NWSL.

  12. Sonnet and Davidson, just dont see them as bulletproof as they should be for a back line. always coughing up cheap balls. dahlkemper and cook would be amazing to see. ps. vlatko sucks

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