What's inside a $5,000 World Cup Soccer Ball?

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20 opiniones en “What's inside a $5,000 World Cup Soccer Ball?”

  1. Ca te plaît de détruire des objets très chères c est n importe quoi d après toi y a quoi dans un ballon rien du tout

  2. you should had popped it by over inflating it till it explodes to open it! check the pressure gauge to see what the max pressure before exploding

  3. wtf 😂today I also got hurt on my ear with aa soccer ball and he also got a soccer ball but tge difference is that he got hurt by a $5000 and I with a $10 one 😂😂

  4. Cristiano Ronaldo bole pele's small record and in two seasons he will have more than 150+ goals then him cr7 and messi are the greatest football player ever

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