Soccer stars speak out on gender discrimination

Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe tell «GMA» why the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team is suing the United States Soccer Federation for equal pay.

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34 opiniones en “Soccer stars speak out on gender discrimination”

  1. The more fans buy tickets, the more you get paid. Less fans, less pay. Facts don't care about your feelings.

  2. Way to go girls you won the case today and with a settlement of 24 million dollars too. Equal pay for women's soccer players going forward but I still see problems ahead … the organization will try to subvert the win.

  3. Always be true to yourself stay strong stay safe everyone takecare becareful out there dont let guards down good luck sending love luck hugs from UK takecare xxx

  4. Not as many people want to watch women sports. It’s that basic.

    ESPN W? Bound for lower ratings than men’s sports. FACT

  5. Depends on whether we value equal pay in terms of achievement based on level of competitiveness. If your testing your skills within an environment where achievement is harder to come by (due to higher competition found across a broad range of teams), surely your value as an professional athlete is financially worth more. Perhaps there should instead be an equal base salary for men and women with scope to tack on a scaled bonus rate depending on the level of achievement attained comparative to the level of competition. Thoughts?

  6. All the comments are stupid 👇👇👇 I think women’s playing soccer is great and they should get paid equal because the work twice as hard

  7. Fast forward two years. The USWNT is in shambles. They just got their asses handed to them on the International stage at the Olympics after taking a knee during the National Anthem. It has been proven that their claim is absolute bullshit. They are paid based on the amount of spectators they pull in. The men’s team brings in three times the number of spectators therefore their salary commensurate with their viewership. The little boy on the right has single-handedly ruined the US women’s soccer program.

  8. There is only two possibilities when it comes to Megan Rapinoe. First she is one of the dumbest people on the planet and does not know what collective bargaining is. Second, she knows everything she says is a lie but does not care. She will invent discrimination in order to play the victim so she can try and stay relevant.

  9. Yet they say they hate america and protest against it but still represent it and love america… such hypocrites

  10. All I hear is "I'm a waman, giff me more money. I have a vagina, so my life's difficult and I'm a victim by default".

  11. Among the most famous athletes in the world??? Bitch please the only reason I heard about them was because of them crying about equal pay and making a huge scene

  12. Wow you dont get it the contract you signed now you dont like that contrac your crying decrimination your the ones that signed the contract if you dont like what you did dont blame anyone else but yourselves jeez shut up and play quit crying and except the fact that its your fault ,and the fact you protested everything while at the olimpics didnt play well until the bronze medal game you all should be ashamed of yourselves

  13. They didn't ever win Olympic gold though. Mia Hamm's USWNT won 2 Olympic gold medals and one silver. Rapinoe is a Mia Hamm wannabe but never will be.

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