Jamaica vs. United States: What went wrong for the USMNT | CONCACAF World Cup qualifying | ESPN FC

Herculez Gomez, Taylor Twellman and Kasey Keller join ESPN FC to recap the United States’ 1-1 draw vs. Jamaica, a game that saw Timothy Weah and Michail Antonio score stunning goals.

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48 opiniones en “Jamaica vs. United States: What went wrong for the USMNT | CONCACAF World Cup qualifying | ESPN FC”

  1. As long as USMNT can't overcome Jamaica the US does not belong in the Word Cup but Jamaica should go to Qatar.

  2. A Costa Rican referee should not have been allowed to officiate tht match..if I was on JFF board I would have protested BEFORE the match to have him removed…

  3. I love how much CONCACAF is improving and how tight the qualifiers are. There's only a 2 point difference between Canada and Panama. Not nearly as difficult as CONMEBOL yet but we're getting there

  4. The ref stole the win away from us. That was never a foul. Goal should have stood and 3 points. But looks like the ref tryna get a green card to the US

  5. Herc was calling for Pepi when Pefok and Sargent were playing. Now he's calling for them while Pepi is playing. It seems like he just likes to drop names of players who aren't there whenever US takes a L. Be better!

  6. Herc is so smart but did he really just bring up Pefok, Dike, and SARGENT?!?!? BRUH. Like Pefok I can vibe with, solely cause of set pieces. Dike needs time to get fit. Sargent is overrated and behind our current starting tier

  7. Not until Fifa started to charge most of these Ref for stop cheating other teams for there country or there favorite player nothing's is going to be changed it's ashamed the Ref cheated jamaica because he is from Costa Rica and bout jamaica on Costa Rica were on the same amount of point. because until now nobody can explain why he disallowed the goal,but and the other handle jamaica should blame Reid for skyrocket the ball over the crossbar when it was just a simple top een into the net..

  8. you mean what went right for them lool Jamica should have won that match 2-1 plus a potential goal from a penalty that was not given. the USA should thank the officials.

  9. It’s interesting because the coaches definitely told the team about Bailey but we gave Antonio wayyy to much time and space. Might of just been a defensive lapse on Adam’s part not stepping up fast enough. Or it could of been they weren’t told which I don’t think is the case. A positive take away is that Zimmerman is a very very good aerial defender.

  10. Jamaica is always a roadblock for the other teams because they are physically strong and they are athletic but this U.S team could have done better because they were outplayed by jamaica

  11. Why are Americans always blaming weather? Does the USMNT shall not win the WC unless it’s played under favorable conditions in America? The game was a continuation of structure-less team under the coach. The game was boring…football is more than physicality …

  12. That Jamaica goal was not spectacular like the announcers and pundits are saying. It was not that precise, but it had decent pace and some bend. But the goalkeeper got a bad jump on the ball and did not show good range on it.

  13. Nearly a 12 min vid and not a single comment on the poor, immutable tactics. 3 "experts" ? and none of them noticed the glaring problems with buildup and connection caused by the setup…which was never tweaked? ???

  14. That match need to play over with different Referees ,r just give Jamaica the 3points hence they was rob

  15. We didn’t play well and roster selection matters. There weren’t any viable game substitutes available because GGG still fills the roster with his MLS stooges, Lletget, Arriola and Roldan. GGG also only brought one true 9.

  16. The mens team should play all their matches in California. Isn't that why they built the place anyway.(?)

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