USMNT v Trinidad & Tobago Live Coverage!

With Pete and Filippo off in Austin gorging themselves on free booze and food supplied to their private box while USMNT are taking on T&T, Derek and I will take up the mantle of covering the game live.

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15 opiniones en “USMNT v Trinidad & Tobago Live Coverage!”

  1. well, i think GGG is slowly wiggling his old, stupid way back into the USMNT. I'm so scared for tomorrow's game 11/20/23 AWAY at TT. GGG ohhhh please. How can we get him FIRED??

  2. I loved that TT lineup, 1 true CB flanked by 5 RB/LB types. Alvin Jones at CB is a nice touch.

    Everyone can spot Hackshaw from being fat and lazy? He plays for Oakland roots, and came on second half. He was the fat tired one in the middle. Once TT replaces guys like that with EFL guys they will be dangerous.


    Pepi finally banged in a goal any EPL keeper would probably stop.

    Their stud Levi provided holdup and abused Dest and others, but refused to play like a true defender. Levi's holdup was solid but worthless cuz he had no support with 10 men.

    USA had no answer before the red card. TT was legit playing everyman on defense.

    I would be okay with the win if we had not been up 10 men most of the game. We didn't get a shot on goal until 2nd half. We didn't break down TT, we broke down 10 man team after most of it's semi-pros were to tired to play defense.

  4. You guys are tripping. They parked the bus from the start and defended like their lives depended on it. Their goalkeeper also had a great game. Any team would have had a hard time scoring. I'm impressed that GGG played a 2 striker setup like I wanted. Balo and Pepi are different kinds of strikers.

  5. Why do we keep on crossing the ball? Balo likes his balls hanging low. 🫢 Why couldn’t we punish T&T during the rare moments transition? Most of game was 10 v 11. Crazy.🤯 I wish I was aware of this live commentary… you guys are so much fun on live stream that I’m rewatching!!!! 😂

  6. Grade C-…hesitant offense…99% possession…first goal 80 mins against man down team. Frustrating fans wanted to blame ref or Trinidad goalie. Not copa america ready. Coach gotta go.

  7. I don't think Berhalter did that bad today, but the dropoff in play between Hudson and BJ to Berhalter is so evident that it's frustrating to watch.

  8. With each passing match, we can witness the slow manifestation of the USMNT as they take on the personality of their coach.
    By the time the world cup comes to our shores, the fan base should be fully comatose.

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