USMNT vs. Trinidad & Tobago | Highlights – November 16, 2023

The USMNT bested Trinidad & Tobago 3-0 in the Nations League play, which doubles as the first leg of 2024 Copa America Qualifying.

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31 opiniones en “USMNT vs. Trinidad & Tobago | Highlights – November 16, 2023”

  1. the real changes came when subs entered and Gio moved central. playing more direct allowed them to play into strengths of Pepi and Balogen. 70 minutes of watching them run down the sides and whip crosses to the middle was killing me. Pepi is a stud, him scoring with his family there was pretty cool and Brendan was actually pretty good today.

  2. You’d think you children learned your lesson, but still no respect for T&T. Been here for decades following the boys in red white and blue through thick and thin, except one group of players who lost to T&T and flunked out of WCQ those few years ago. I hate all y’all more. I wish it could go back to where this country had no idea we even had a national team I hate you all that much. I’ll take the soccer dark ages and everyone hating soccer if it meant all of you ceased to exist, buncha whiny babies full of your own sh*t.

  3. Who allowed those lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 flags in the stadium?. It’s a disgrace to wave that beside our beautiful American flag 🇺🇸.

  4. The goals of Pepi, Robinson and Reyna were so amazing and wonderful for me.🤗🥰😊🙏❤🤍💙🇺🇲💪🏻👍🎊🎉🔥

  5. Bravo My Beautiful USA Men Team We deserved to win this game and won it.🙏❤🤍💙🇺🇲💪🏻👍🎊🎉🔥

  6. What a fun game to be at, was about 40 feet behind last goals. And they lady getting arrested for storming field was entertaining. She almost got hit in head with a huge beer can full leaving stadium was wild

  7. It seemed like from the start of the game until the first goal Tobago was lucky, but it happened as it had to happen, congratulations, enjoy the victory🇺🇲👏🏻

  8. Living in Texas I was gonna go watch it live, then I think if it's gonna be couple to 0, we need to play better teams this isn't interesting anymore

  9. Ok what is with the damn losers in the stands with rainbow flags? Seriously can you people not go out in public ever without having to let eveyone know your a fruitcake. Jesus christ it gets old

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