American 'Soccer' Chants Vs British Football Chants

American ‘Soccer’ Chants Vs British Football Chants

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45 opiniones en “American 'Soccer' Chants Vs British Football Chants”

  1. american one was at a middle school fucking game with 30 people and the others were at pro ones in stadiums, not even fair

  2. who beat russia to the moon?… don’t forget how your “very dangerous and strong english fans” were crying and sobbing like 5yo girls on the streets of france in 2016 🙂

  3. American chant makes no sense, the nazis were gonna go to the moon then the Russians took all the nazi progress and then America took that from the Russians and launched a spaceship.

  4. Don't forget the second part of the "jimmy saville he's fingered your mum" that is "jimmy saville he's probably your dad" *chef kiss*🤌

  5. You forgot the funniest one of them all (in my opinion):

    His Dad Washes Elefants.
    And his moms a- im not gonna say it.

  6. Don't translate this from Morse Code
    -.-. .- -. / .. / … .. –. -. / -.– — ..- .-. / – — . … ..–..

    (Can I sign your toes)

  7. The unfortunate thing is the people in the US that watch soccer would scream that they're offensive. Those that would love and do those chants aren't the ones watching the sport across the pond.

  8. brazilian football chants are even worse, in the Maracanã stadium, during a flamengo game, the upper stand where the fans were broke and a bunch of people fell. 2 people died and 80 were injured,
    but the rivals of flamengo made a chant mocking the team for what happened.

  9. We dont carry hammers, we dont carry lead, we carry fucking hatchet's too bury in your head. Millwall early to mid '80s.

  10. as an american I have to say that wasn’t the best american chant, it really depends on where you go, like Boston you’ll hear some pretty crazy stuff

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