Boos for Berhalter and unsold seats – what’s going on with the USMNT? | Futbol Americas

ESPN FC’s Jeff Carlisle joins Sebastian Salazar and Herculez Gomez on Futbol Americas to react to the USMNT’s 3-0 win over Uzbekistan, and the reaction of the clearly underwhelmed USMNT fans.

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24 opiniones en “Boos for Berhalter and unsold seats – what’s going on with the USMNT? | Futbol Americas”

  1. Berhalter doesn’t get the credit he deserves for the last 4 years. Rebuilt the program from the depths of despair, recruited great dual nats, qualified for the World Cup, got out of the group, and did it with the youngest team in the tournament.

  2. Likely highlights how many Americans are still preoccupied with other sports. NFL season just started last weekend. As for Mexico, there are tons of recent Mexican immigrants in the US. Soccer is number 1 for them. That's the difference.

  3. 1. Beehalter, 2. Playing on a time and day when youth soccer families are … playing soccer. 3. High prices and bad opponent 4. Compete with college football

  4. "A smattering of boos" so basically only a few idiots…gee what a report there Jeff. 99.5% clapped, but 5 people boo'd. Jeff reports on the boos lol.

  5. Boos for GB are simple, no one wanted him back. He did his job and got us to the world cup and out of groups but that is his ceiling. Why bring back someone back with a limited future. I don't care if money was an issue to bring on another manager, figure it out. We host the next world cup, huge opportunity for a coach and a team and hiring GB limits our growth!

  6. Bringing back Gregg Berhalter was the worst possible thing the federation coulda done. Its absolutely ridiculous that he is the USMNT manager. Talk about a buzzkill. Berhalter is the epitome of mediocrity. Its painfully obvious he is not the one. Hopefully, the players can succeed despite him. As a fan I am totally deflated. I will still root for the team but Berhalter has taken all the excitement out of it.

  7. US is going to the wrong cities. Charlotte, NC would sell out. Biggest soccer city in the US that no one pays attention to. Even their MLS team gets consistent crowd of 40-50k and that team is terrible!

  8. Berhalter sucks, period. And the fact that USSF rehired him, makes them suck too. Unbelievable we rehired a mediocre lifer coach who has ostracized multiple players, and has baggage.

  9. The price of ⚽ in the US is ridiculous… The team isn't relatable in ANY WAY… It just feels like a bunch of politics and a cash grab. No one wants to feel like a Mark.

  10. It kills me that these guys routinely put on the best soccer show in the country and ESPN barely has any of the games anymore. Wish Herc and Sal could be doing pre- and post-game coverage for national team games and MLS games, or that the people covering those games were at least trying to raise their game, but it seems both those organizations are more interested in having some bland informercial-style coverage instead of something as watchable as this.

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