The USMNT limps past Uzbekistan in Berhalter return

Gregg Berhalter began his 2nd cycle as USMNT coach with a terrible 3-0 win over Uzbekistan in St. Louis. The entire team looked robotic, void of ideas and completely out of sync. Endless crossing and possession did very little to create a meaningful impact on the game. Tac and I break it down.

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46 opiniones en “The USMNT limps past Uzbekistan in Berhalter return”

  1. Agree 1000%, with all the $ we have in the USA and we get the worst coach Berhalter back, wow, a disgrace to the game of voetbal!!!

  2. I wasn't able to watch this game, but was keeping up with the score and I knew it wasn't good when I saw we were held to 1-0 for so long. GGG is back. whomp whomp.

  3. Balogun isn't A big enough dude, to be effective with his style of play. Sorry, he is going to need Altidore level strength, to succeed I'm not seeing it. No head game, not much in the air, not useful in free kicks as a target, I don't see him as a confident PK taker, his one v one skill barely passable.?!? Shooting skill? I'm not sure what we got here cause you can't tell until you see the quality vs high level competition!!!!! Second division dude. Time still favors his chances, yet…

  4. Why usmnt, so important to anyone? National team soccer? Like a hobby, where expensive pros, risk injury for little money, doing what they are stuck doing for a career, with no viable benefit to a single soul. There's no glory in a national team where half the players aren't from that nation, nor that nationality! Ridiculous. Balogun is overrated! Pulisic is regressing, McKennie is sloppy in between miracles, our D is atrocious. No 9, in our system. If Reyna isn't playing the 10, I'd fire the entire coaching criminal committee. See I'm voting this time! I'm voting for he who will shut down US soccer, its a fraud. Even if it means Trump! Ill vote for him if he guarantees a total public humiliation of and firing of Greg berhauler!!!!! You want my vote, fire this horses azz, his boss, his assistants, wear tutus!!!!! Embarrassed me for the last time. Pulisic looks like he's ready to cry, every time I see him? A boychild, man? His quality is beyond US mens historic rosters, yet he sucks???? Wtf? Tough lil guy he just sucks! Why didn't he turn world class? Well my explanation is simple, poor coaching, and he's dumb! Great soccer players, the few world class ones that exist, are not supporting Greg berhaulers tricking stupid azz system! That's the tell…

  5. I hope us Americans are paying attention to the Japanese National Team. They are about to become a top tier national team in the world. At this point, International soccer shouldn't underestimate them. They have a identity style of play(I've heard it described as 'Tap tap' soccer" by a Japanese friend) thats based on quick movements, short and decisive interlocking play, methodical build up, defending and pressing the mid block playing area relentlessly, and outnumbering the oppositions defense in the box with precise timing- the aim being for 3vs2 or 2vs1 set ups that lead to efficient goals(and not always done via counterattack). When its executed, its beautiful to watch man. Its teamwork at its finest. The Women's team play the exact same style too. And they are able to do it because its been a decades long plan in place the federation has been focused on where the players are in exceptional physical shape, have strong technical skills, and encouraged to play the toughest competition. In 2026, it should not be a surprise if they make it to the semifinals. USA could learn from Japan.

  6. Was the switch to 4231 late bc BJ is asst and pestering GGG on sideline the whole game? I hope so, as several times Onyewu and IS Soccer said they were trying to get asst to help GGG figure out his plans.

  7. B's problem is he thinks he's a lot smarter than his is, and he stick with idiotic theories over what needs to happen on the field given the players' skills.

  8. Im gonna use one of my favorite lines ive ever heard to describe berhalter's coaching performance: The bar was in hell and yet you still here limbo dancing with the devil

  9. What the heck was that??? A team and game we should have absolutely crushed. Instead, the worst performance of the year. Back to a lifeless 4-3-3 with no way of creating with a #9 that has significant ability. Uzbekistan had more shots and to make it worse were playing with a man down (towards end). Is Gregg not capable of seeing his system of 433 DOES NOT WORK? Did he pay attention to what happened when Tillman came in and they switched to a 4-2-3-1?Creativeness in the central midfield is what suits this team. Berhalter 2.0 a MASSIVE failure! All he had to do was bring back what BJ and Hudson did.

  10. Wow! Lots of dark energy and low vibrations on this channel. Thankfully there are plenty of USMNT channels with positive vibes while still offering up solid critiques.

  11. There were times when the CBs help the ball for five plus seconds because of players in front of them were just standing. That is not on GB. What is on GB is the player selection/tactics. If we are going to play a 433 instead of a 4231, Musah needs to be at the 6 with a creative midfielder like Tillman at the 8.

  12. When we are up 1 nil right away, it changes things.
    We have some lock pickers like Pulisic and DLT, but far too few.
    3 nil looks great for GGG amongst normal people.

  13. I mean you can’t expect players like Pulisic to come out and say yea we suck we’re not winning anything. It’s up to the fans

  14. 1:01:02 Tillman also put Christian in and CP10 shit the bed and overtouched the ball instead of blasting it first time. Malik was really good in only 10 minutes. Start him next game.

  15. Yep. They looked stiff, non flowing, like they where thinking. Several times pulisic ran to the middle and hit an invisible ball wall, passed and went back to the left wing. It hurt to watch

  16. I couldn’t watch more than the first half of the game. This style is horrible, boring, players looked lost against bad competition.

  17. USSF is corrupt and doesn't care for the game. And USSF is racist because there is no grassroots investment in the hood or black areas so our kids can grow up playing soccer too.

  18. Are the US too poor to afford an Asian or European country that has been to the World Cup? I don't understand why we couldn't play a better country. I would even prefer the US traveling to another country if that would mean facing better opponents.

  19. Things that also happened today: Mexico just barely escapes Australia with a last minute tie, Japan destroys Germany 4-1, North Macedonia ties Italy, Ukraine ties England. Berhalter got the result we wanted maybe he’s sees something we don’t and things aren’t all that bad

  20. I was in town and at the game today. The match was barely marketed in St Louis. That was the issue. This city is definitely passionate about soccer, but this game wasn't even marked by St Louis City to their own fans.

  21. We went out against Mexico in June with a backup of the backup plan and STILL recorded a historic win against Mexico….Gregg is a problem and it’s painfully obvious

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