8 opiniones en “USMNT vs. Oman: Brendan Aaronson Goal – September 12, 2023”

  1. Ricardo Pepi is the clearest example that the United States without Latinos, that is, without Mexicans, is nothing. Ricardo Pepi is Mexican Mexico 🇲🇽 is the rival to beat in all of North America so the United States and Canada do what they do Mexico🇲🇽 was and will continue to be the giant of CONCACAF and that is what the numbers and football history say

  2. The United States team necessarily needs Latin players, that is, Mexicans, to be able to put together a team that can compete with Mexico 🇲🇽 because the Americans themselves do not know how to play soccer
    They only know basketball or baseball

  3. United States believing itself to be a power in soccer, beating amateur teams I hope they can beat Argentina, Germany, France or Brazil first, who are football powers. Mexico 🇲🇽 is undoubtedly the giant of CONCACAF

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