DETRÁS DE LA CRESTA | USWNT abre 2023 en Nueva Zelanda

Es oficialmente un año de Copa Mundial para la Selección Nacional Femenina de EE. UU., y qué mejor manera, y lugar, para comenzar la campaña 2023 que en Nueva Zelanda, donde la USWNT iniciará su Campaña de la Copa Mundial Femenina en seis meses. Ve #BehindTheCrest mientras el USWNT se adentra en la cultura y las costumbres de Nueva Zelanda mientras se prepara para un gran año por delante. Más información: ¡Suscríbase a US Soccer en YouTube! US Soccer …en Facebook: …en Twitter: …en Instagram:

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25 opiniones en “DETRÁS DE LA CRESTA | USWNT abre 2023 en Nueva Zelanda”

  1. wait… so yall cut up a video of this game that shows Horan missing a wide open goal from 5 yards but then omitted the backheeled, no look-three defenders splitting-final ball to Alex Morgan from Lavelle? who is running the media side of this team these days ffs lol.

  2. I love how the New Zealanders truly and authentically respect the Native people and culture.

    Meanwhile in the US….

  3. It's cool to host the USWNT here in NZ before the world cup begins later this year. Hope it was enjoyable and that y'all had some free time to enjoy the outdoors here.

  4. Great build up for the real event for both Teams. Ranking in the World USA -1st, New Zealand 19th. Need to get rid of all the stone age rubbish hanging around NZ sport.

  5. Why do the white people do Haka? Why is everyone forced to participate in Haka? Like seriously? If you want to do your little dance that's fine but I'm not going to just stand there and watch. This happens at every sporting event. You do your shit, I'll do mine.

  6. Legendary USWNT, a historical team in the World Cups. It's not a W.C. without the presence of the USWNT. Go USA.

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