USWNT vs. Nueva Zelanda: Resumen – 21 de enero de 2023

El #USWNT se enfrentó a Nueva Zelanda en el segundo de dos partidos para abrir el año calendario 2023 con la Copa Mundial Femenina de la FIFA 2023 a la vuelta de la esquina en Nueva Zelanda y Australia. Más información: ¡Suscríbase a US Soccer en YouTube! US Soccer …en Facebook: …en Twitter: …en Instagram:

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26 opiniones en “USWNT vs. Nueva Zelanda: Resumen – 21 de enero de 2023”

  1. Some pretty offense by the US, but I'm giving NZ some credit. It's a country of 330 million vs 5 million, so this is like the US national team vs. the city of Los Angeles. I've done work in NZ and respect the adrenaline junkies that live there and the effort they put into efforts like this one. Their rugby teams can still kick everyone's butts.

  2. Why the USA team always win this cup? And why the reffere wasn't calling for many fault from the USA team? Asking for my fish

  3. USA takes it. No doubt. In women football, USA is like the mixer of Brazil, Argentina, Spain, France, Germany and Italy. All in one. 💪💪 If u r still confused, go and see urself USA women national football team. 🔥🔥

  4. the prelude to champion of this coming World Cup 2023 is… The USA
    Well done girls, you step up already to the calibers of Amy Wambach and Megan Rapinoe

  5. From the UK here. I can’t believe how bad NZ are. They were never this bad. Some of those goals were diabolical defending. Looks like a 5 year old could score against them.

  6. Naher is the worst goalie in the history of the uswnt. Slow reflexes, poor position, not aggressive enough, always looks panicked and frazzled. I'm so happy to see other, better, goalies getting an opportunity to see playing time.

  7. Remember when Brazil lost 8-0 in Brazil for the world cup 2014? I feel like NZ is in store for a similar embarrassment. Why were they awarded the host bid, was it because they're so close to Australia?

  8. It also seem the offensive flow was better without Horan. Does Vkatko go back to Horan and resort back to a midfield that has trouble going forward? Horan is good at passing back to her back line defense but really has not shown the ability to push the ball forward without turning it over

  9. yasss this is what we knew they could do!! i just need to see more excitement in them! looks like they dont even care to win the goal LOL BUT OMG I LOVE THIS they look amazing now!!

  10. Great job girls you did such an amazing job just keep going and keep inspiring the world you got this!

  11. アメリカの方が、背も高いし、足も早いから、ヘディングは決まるし、ルーズボールもキープできちゃう。

    but really only macario, smith and davidson and ohara?

  13. Hace 30 años que sigo a la selección norteamericana y no me arrepiento. Son los mejores equipos de fútbol que ví. Los nombres cambian con el tiempo pero su poderío ofensivo no. Jugadoras cómo Wambach, Akers, Jennings, Hendricks, Hamm, Lilly y tantas más cedieron su lugar a las siguientes, cómo Lloyd, Press, Morgan, Rapinoe, Heath, Lavelle , Ertz, y ahora serán reemplazadas por Pugh, Smith, Hatch, Rodman , Kornieck y otras. Me resulta imposible mencionarlas a todas, pero todas me alegraron, me alegran la vida tan solo con verlas jugar. Las amo, las adoro, soy el admirador más grande de esta selección aunque yo haya nacido en la tierra de Messi. Pero esto no me impide que siga alentando por la USWNT, el mejor equipo del mundo desde hace tanto tiempo. Gracias chicas, por jugar con tanto talento y habilidad

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