Capitán de fútbol de EE. UU. DESTRUYE carrera INTIMIDANDO a reportero iraní

¿Quieren más? Echa un vistazo a DailyWire+ aquí: ME GUSTA Y SUSCRÍBETE para ver videos nuevos todos los días. Echa un vistazo a nuestro nuevo merchandising: Reaccionamos a una carrera de periodistas iraníes provocada por el capitán del equipo nacional masculino de EE. UU., Tyler Adams. Adams manejó perfectamente la pregunta ridícula. Watch the full episode here: #tyleradams #usworldcup #usa #usmensnationalteam #usvsiran #iranianreporterasksracistquestion #iranianreporter #iranreporter #iranreporterussoccer #iranreporterquestion #chritianpulisic #usworldcup #worldcupusa #tyleradamsiranianreporter #tyleradamsiranianreporterinterview #tyleradamsiranianreporterand #tyleradamsiranianreporterandmountainlion #CrainandCo #News #Sports #DailyWire

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24 opiniones en “Capitán de fútbol de EE. UU. DESTRUYE carrera INTIMIDANDO a reportero iraní”

  1. Hello, a protestor from Iran.
    A long distance of time has since passed from the time this video was made but as weird as it may seem and sound we in Iran not only appreciate but are no more than grateful that you guys actually won the games. You see, no less than a month ago a nationwide protest was in formation against the killing of Mahsa Amini and the following 500 people who were killed in the process of the IRGC proving they "didn't kill Mahsa Amini". of whom killed close to 60 of were bellow the age 18 ( around my age). IRGC won Wales the anti-protest puppets, who normally handle the job of beating 16-year-old protestors, came to the streets with flags and horns, celebrating the victory of their dictatorial regime in hopes of subverting and demotivating our protest. That being said, your victory in competing against Iran was the only thing that let us have our retribution.
    Retribution, as in everyone from the top of their lungs, would shout out their balcony" Thank you America" ( I could provide you with the clips for satisfactory needs.) But yeah that's all for now.

  2. America is like a family, republicans & democrats can mess with each other. But you bet we have each others backs before we concern ourselves with Iran. If we had a report who inquired about something similar, the player would not have handled it

  3. Not any different than what American reporters would say to Soviet players during Cold War. Just play ball.

  4. Iranian, without a doubt, biggest football legend Ali Daei got arrested just before the start of the world cup for participating in the protests that are going on in Iran right now and nobody knows where he is. According to some sources he had been sentenced to death without a trial and he might already be executed. I hope he is ok, but who knows in this state of terror.

  5. lol It's already surpassed NHL… It's not that low on our list just because you don't follow it… It's no where as big as the NFL or the NBA.. but it's coming up on MLB pretty quick… It's a tired narrative pushed by an older generation. I'm 37 and it was still massively popular where I grew up even at a young age. We wouldn't have players all over Europe playing for huge clubs if it wasn't popular.. Different is we had no outlet back then to go pro unless you were rich and had connections.
    It's much harder to compete for a roster spot on Chelsea or Barca than any team we have here because 4 BILLION people play the sport if not more.
    Tyler did a fantastic job though.

  6. Really wish Tyler Adams threw in a line like this "…we're making a lot of progress…unlike SOME countries *ahem*…"

  7. Yeah when you let go of the jingoism and realise that the only reason the world famous sport is so low on your athletic list, is because yall are too scared to compete and lose with anyone outside your nation. Do I smell chicken?

  8. First off, as Americans we don’t even care to pronounce our own words correctly.

    Secondly, what a classy response.

    Thirdly, 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. The Kid is all class… dealt with hm perfectly
    Maths says Football is much harder to win than ALL other sports…… 500 million football players.. as many all ALL other sports put together …
    So hard for the US public to understand how tough it is for their guys..

  10. Those reporters were appalling yesterday! Absolutely sh*t show. Absolutely best clip yet! Tyler Adams is captain for a reason 🇺🇸

  11. He said what I’ve heard a lot of people say. Europe and Asia are far more racist than the US. And, the biggest difference is that the US is trying to get better, while the rest of the world is doing nothing to change while lecturing us about it

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