En un día oscuro y complejo para todos los amantes del fútbol en los Estados Unidos, Rog habla sobre los hallazgos de la investigación sobre la saga Berhalter-Reyna. Lea el informe completo aquí #Berhalter #reyna #investigation #ussoccer Escuche todos nuestros podcasts Men in Blazers: iTunes | Spotify | Nube de sonido | y todas las principales aplicaciones de podcasting. Conéctese con nosotros en Twitter social | Instagram | TikTok | facebook | Rog en Twitter | Davo en Twitter | ¿Todavía quieres saber más sobre Hombres en Blazers? Justo de esta manera →

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41 opiniones en “SE REVELA EL INFORME DE BERHALTER-REYNA “Una entrevista y sus COOL SNEAKERS & BOUNCE PASSES desaparecerán”.”

  1. Rog: “Ultimately in this one – from a human perspective… I keep thinking about the life lesson given by Marcus Aurelius…. ‘The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury.’” instead, this.

    To better days ahead for all…

  2. I feel for a lot of Gio’s teammates, who maybe had their careers changed, got less playtime, got less considered for US teams because one of their teammates’ parents was in the ear of the US system.

  3. I am saying this honestly, if I were coach, I would not want Gio anywhere near the team. Not his fault, but who needs that drama? I know its not popular, but look at what the news coverage is and will be, I would want a fully intact team where TRUST is there.

  4. This is why american soccer is behind every other nation in the world. They make an issue that is so basic, public and it is blown severly out of proportion. Other countries resolve matters like this. Im not going to make "A" personal judgment about Gio or his parents – nor am I going to make "A" personal judgment about Gregg. What I can say is about the world cup – Gregg made it personal, by revealing comments to the media which should never been. Also he never had a solid reason why he wouldnt have Gio play. He could of just been clear and dropped him like real coach would- but as most americans tend to be now – passive agressive – we end up with this fiasco. Everyone makes a personal comment about Gio like they know him, and the same about greg etc – thats really unfortunate. American soccer will never be like this rest of the world because it cant have direct conversations and hear each other out – passive aggressiveness does not breed winners!

  5. Can we use another word other than narcissistic? I’m tired of it. Waiting for him to also say “narrative” Have a thought of your own.

  6. Man, this was uncomfortable. This is what happens when you and your family create an echo chamber.

  7. We talk about what a great servant elder Reyna was for usmnt…. And he had some great times. But I remember his final game in the shirt, can’t remember against who. He got skinned and went down feigning an injury, which was somehow more embarrassing. That memory always stuck with me about his mentality.

  8. IMHO…. what's clear is that the USSF were planning to rubber stamp Berhalter in for another 4 years before all of this broke out into the open. Serious question – if Berhalter WAS still the manager, even with all that happened… who thinks he would call up Reyna?

  9. Predictable "woke" take by touchy feely types the very ones that ruin the experience in the US. This is about a chain of follishness, leading to the unpleasantries.hiring unqualified, unstable, abuser of women. Doubling down ignoring the background check, allowing the ignorant horses behind, to alienate the best player in the US, unimaginable, intolerable unsufferable.then bench him, and play crippled Jordan morris??in the world cup, negligent..that any of you fools have a job in this biz, is bs.have you coached a superstar, even at the youth level, A coach is getting assaulted for what Gregg did at the biggest event in the world, lol lol

  10. Rog, I know how hard this must have been strictly as a fan. You did a brilliant job. Thank you for making this

  11. I didnt think Greg should be re-hired anyway, hes an average coach, the US should aim higher in my opinion, but the Reyna's both Claudio and Danielle should be ashamed, theres no excuse for what Greg did, but considering Rosalind married him, i assume they got past that, and theres no reports of domestic violence since, considering Claudio and Danielle were supposed to be friends with Greg and Rosalind, i think its despicable to put Greg, and more so Rosalind in this position, also it's running the risk of putting a cloud over Gio, ive coached at an amateur level before, and thats the thing with 18/19 year olds, sometimes when things dont go their way, they sulk, then you have a conversation with them, even if they dont like the outcome at the time, they get over it and move on, i really hope this doesnt stick to Gio's career, the boy deserves better

  12. You mentioned the "chicken-and-egg" question, but didn't consider the fact that Berhalter's son was let go by Austin (when Reyna was GM) in 2021. Could that have been the original sin? Berhalter saw Reyna let his son go and then chose to bench Gio during the World Cup?

  13. Rog – I respect your perspective, and I've turned multiple friends into subscribers of the show. I understand you're giving voice to all the issues that will be in front of all the stakeholders in U.S. Soccer, whether you agree with them or not, but…

    … as it relates to the problem of rehiring of Berhalter you mustn't confuse the importance between the issue of the professional lapse of judgement Gregg had with the disclosure of the internal discussion around Gio Reyna, and the event with Gregg and his wife THIRTY YEARS AGO. When at 18:10 you say "… can they rehire a coach after beating his girlfriend – now wife?" you lapse from journalism into gossip, drama-mongering, and darkness – to the detriment of your stature as a fair-minded, clear-headed, and unblinking critic of importance and renown.

    1. The girlfriend slapped him first. Women don't want to hear this, but when they strike a man, they're setting the level of discourse. Are women "equal" or not? Can't have it both ways, sisters.

    2. He kicked her a couple of times. Not okay. Also, NOT a "beating". Let's be true, here.

    Gregg did more than penance: he stepped up and convinced (after a mountain of work) the woman AND her parents that he: a) truly owned his mistake, b) learned from it and the work he did around it – including volunteer work in women's shelters, etc., and c) changed his person for the better. He's been a model ever since by all accounts, and has satisfied every reasonable person that he's not the person he was 30 years ago.

    Love the show. Love your passion. Love your takes as well as the poetry of your descriptions. This one bit is not your finest, and is not helpful in the conversation you've tackled.

  14. Gotta tap out, it's not easy to hear this hear this and see the emotional and psychological dysfunction peppered throughout… Ugh…

  15. Berhalter is a subpar coach who mismanaged his team. It’s time to go as the great Claude of AFTV once said 😂

  16. I love Rog but to pretend like everyone (me, the men in blazers, the fans of the usmnt) were unaware of the rampant nepotism plaguing the nation is funny. Golden blazers, youth leagues, praising the mls model. We have all contributed to this mess. Hopefully we start rooting these “royal families” of the USSF instead of pretending like we can’t live without them.

  17. The odds that a very smart man such as Gregg Berhalter would make such a stumble at a leadership conference are extremely remote. He is a very experienced public speaker – that was not a gaffe. The conference was US Soccer's opportunity to bring the Reyna's behavior out into the open, and Gregg Berhalter was the messenger who knew he was going to 'take it on the chin.' It's certain that all involved in the decision knew there would be serious consequences, but after several years of repeated 'bad' behavior by the Reyna family, the point had been reached when something had to be done, the World Cup being the last straw.

  18. I might get flack for this but no Gio doesn't need a call up until next year. The sad reality is not all kids are given forgiveness and second chances. To hear his behavior at the World Cup is disgusting and entitled. He needs to truly understand the privilege that it is to play for this country. I don't think he'll understand it until that honor despite his talent is taken away. Hearing his behavior is very Anti-American when it comes to athletics.

  19. This is what privilege is. Disgusting. Listen, I didn't like GGG. He was petty and body language demonstrated that he kept John Brooks of the team due to personal reasons. However, just because you have money doesn't mean you deserve to play. This isn't college admissions where a great donation gets your kid( who does not meet admissions standards) gets favoritism and admission. Bruce( now Caitlin) said " Sports is the great equalizer of life." He was right now. Pay to play and other sports outside of that cost money to play limits the amount of talent but talent none the less. Validates rich privilege kids not working for anything but needing connections. Sports is the only true meritocracy that exists. This is where Jurgen would have been needed….

  20. Don't let all this ridiculous drama distract you from the fact that Berhalter is a below average manager and should never coach another minute for the USMNT.

  21. Reyna is now America’s Rabiot when it comes to the national team.

    Can you imagine a college-aged man having his parents fight his battles, whether he asked them to or not? I somehow have the feeling that this is normal for Gio though.

    The real question is how much blame lands on USSF for giving the Reyna’s too much access? If Claudio and Danielle have been dancing at the party for two hours, shouldn’t someone have asked to see their invitations at the door when they first arrived?

  22. I can't stand the fact that the Reyna camp are winning with their horrible behavior .GB was simply being a coach and a successful coach at building team chemistry and a level of success. To not hire him is to let them win and that just burns me up. Quite honestly I don't like Reina's body language and his attitude is poor on the pitch a lot of times for club and country. Thinking maybe GB can come back on a limited contract to see if we can fix this or not.

  23. Lol wait. I'm glad she told us about Berhalter's assault. Weird to have an opinion on the release of that info.

  24. What's so sad too is the Reyna's knew this information and didn't bother to report (or expose I suppose) until it could be used to their advantage. And anyway, Gio is a great footballer all on his own and didn't need his parents to intervene. A shame really that this sort of behavior can still be seen even at the highest level of sport.

  25. The misogynistic garbage in here about female refs is just gutting. Completely destroyed my respect for Claudio Reyna.

  26. Claudio should be fined & fired from his MLS team. Greg can’t remain as US head coach. They stain US soccer. Clean this dirty sheet so US starts fresh and we can see how good Reyna is.

  27. Pride truly does “cometh before a fall” it would seem. The only person from this story I want near the program is Gio at this point.

  28. Rog, I’m with you on this whole thing but the conclusion. You say this is a report where there are no winners. On the contrary, the fact that it did happen is good for US Soccer. The small-town mentality of the USMNT has now been exposed and the ridicule it receives for this embarrassing, stupid episode will hopefully free us to start a genuine program that can compete for real with the most football-history-rich countries. As humiliating as this bagatelle is, getting rid of the Reyna’s arrogance and malicious influence on US football is a huge win. It also allows the US to move on from Berhalter to find a genuine world class coach who can help elevate our standing internationally. Greg is more of a high school coach than an elite-level manager. Despite the disgust I have for all involved, this could lead to a genuine cleansing of US soccer and the real starting point of a serious program with World Cup designs.

  29. Great summary! What frustrates me the most is that US Soccer will likely clean house, Berhalter likely won’t be rehired and the appearance will be that the Reynas will have succeeded in their revenge and retribution campaign. Gio will very likely continue with the USMNT. Whoever the future coach is will have a dilemma (damned if you do, damned if you don’t) making decisions about Gino’s future playing time. The nightmare Soccer parents from hell will still be trying to manipulate both the USMNT coach du jour and US Soccer. All it will have cost them is a hit to their reputations. I wonder if Claudio and Danielle sleep well at night.

  30. Pep Guardiola, Mourinho, Arteta, Zidane all have called out players in public and spelled out who is not training well to mídia… That is modern football. These players are millionaires and when they don’t listen you are left with no recourse…. Even Klopp who mostly tries to recruit less known players, also had to do the same with a couple of his.

  31. The Reyna's felt they'd be taking down one man. They took down themselves, Berhalter, Stewart and Mcbride.

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