34 opiniones en “Estados Unidos vs Alemania | Fútbol Femenino Nov 13,2022”

  1. Germany starting to play dirty. Where is the yellow card for the German player. Two fouls and no yellow card.

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  3. Germany looked like the better team. US Goalie made some clutch saves to help them win. Good game tho by both teams.

  4. By the way, Schult, the German goalkeeper, deserved the red card in that play with USA Taylor Kornieck. In a match between Frankfurt vs. Wolfsburg, she was given the red card for having done exactly the same to the forward. The Costa Rican referee was too lenient with Schult.

  5. A problem with the US is that the coaches are watching the game on that iPad. They are detached from the team. The players have talent but coaching is lacking.

  6. Julie is right that Germany did look technically better most of the time. Stringing together passes. But the end of the first showed that they still can't match up to what has always been USA's top qualities, speed and strength of conditioning. After their goal,, Germany was obviously slacking the rest of that half. They didn't press much, chase down goals or even fill lanes. And U.S. kept up the heat and just swarmed them for two goals in one minute. Pugh, Smith and Lavelle are current world class players that should be enough. I didn't realize so many starters were taking time off in 2022 to have babies.

  7. That Costa Rican referee needs more training. In the first half, 25 minute, it should have been a penalty in favor of the USA. Why? Because the German defender grabbed Pugh's arm inside the penalty area impeding a USA potential goal.

  8. Where can I watch women’s soccer and when do games start /end ?? International teams and college. Pls help!!!

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