Resumen anual de 2022 USMNT

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25 opiniones en “Resumen anual de 2022 USMNT”

  1. i was in english class during the us vs iran game and we were all ,on our school laptops not doing work reloading the google page and when i saw the goal i was so happy

  2. As an American who loves football, I can only say one thing, it's called football and we all know that.

  3. world cup inspired me to get into football, seems like im i picked a good time to start super hype to see what these boys can do in the future.

  4. Even thought the US didn't beat the Netherlands, it was probably their best year in US soccer in it's history so much was done and I'm truly proud to follow the team

  5. I like Berhalter.He may NOT be Coach K but he is also NOT coaching a dream team in a sport where winning should be expected. A few players of a talent level for mediocre success in euro leagues does NOT A sure thing make.Keep growing advancing U.S. soccer,avoid the missteps of American hubris…..

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