Desempaquetando la investigación Berhalter-Reyna de US Soccer

Gregg Berhalter sigue siendo candidato para entrenar al USMNT luego de los hallazgos de la investigación sobre las denuncias hechas sobre su conducta pasada. Jimmy Conrad y Heath Pearce analizan el informe bomba, los intentos de los Reyna de influir en los altos mandos de US Soccer en la Copa del Mundo y lo que sigue para todas las partes involucradas. 00:00 Introducción 01:58 La investigación de la USSF 13:19 Claudio Reyna, el compañero de equipo 20:44 Análisis profundo de los datos de Berhalter 28:57 ¿Qué sigue para Gio Reyna? #usmnt #berhalter #ussf #soccer #gioreyna #ussoccer #concacaf #worldcup #roster #mls #austinfc 🗳 Vota por In Soccer We Trust en la categoría Soccer para los Sports Podcast Awards. La votación finaliza el 6 de abril. In Soccer We Trust está disponible de forma gratuita en la aplicación Audacy, así como en Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher y en cualquier otro lugar donde escuche podcasts. Siga al equipo In Soccer We Trust en Twitter: @ISWTPod, @JimmyConrad, @heathpearce, @CharlieDavies9, @PartidoPooper Para obtener más cobertura de fútbol de CBS Sports, visite Para saber más de CBS Sports Podcast Network, visite Vea UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League, Serie A, Coppa Italia, CONCACAF, NWSL, Scottish Premiership, Brasileiro, Argentina Primera División al suscribirte a Paramount Plus: Obtén un 20 % de descuento en la mercancía de In Soccer We Trust, usando el código SOCCER20: Regístrese para el nuevo boletín Golazo, su guía definitiva para el juego hermoso, mientras nuestros expertos lo llevan más allá del campo y alrededor del mundo con noticias que importan. March Madness ha llegado y el podcast Eye on College Basketball lo tiene cubierto con vistas previas detalladas, resúmenes nocturnos, registros de soporte y más durante todo el Torneo de la NCAA. ¿No puedes obtener suficientes aros universitarios? Descargue y siga Eye on College Basketball dondequiera que se encuentren podcasts. Visite el canal de YouTube de Eye on College Basketball: para obtener más información sobre baloncesto universitario, visite:

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44 opiniones en “Desempaquetando la investigación Berhalter-Reyna de US Soccer”

  1. If they don't call him in, I think it will add oil to the fire. If he is there, that means everyone is moving forward from the past.

  2. I honestly wished you guys would stop making excuses for them. What they did was inexcusable. It smells of entitlement and personal trauma doesn’t give you the right to be a jerk. Just awful they need to be banned

  3. You are talking about “stats” and how GGG was “#1” in all these stats, but yet he has by far the most talented group of players out of all the previous coaches… you don’t think any of the previous coaches would have better stats with this same group of players? Come on…

  4. Reyna was hurt for most of the year leading up to the World Cup. I wasn’t that surprised he wasn’t starting. Where was was he going to start? Time he grows up.

  5. I'm inclined to rehire Berhalter just to rub Claudio and Danielle's noses in the shit they spread. Permanently ban the Reyna's from USSF functions. Gio is suspended for some specific period of time that still allows him to eventually rehab his reputation but establishes that me before team is never acceptable.

  6. The Reyna’s behavior extends beyond the World Cup based on the report. Complaining about female referees, etc. They’re toxic parents. Like Gregg said in the report; when things don’t go right for Gio they attack. They’re privileged and completely narcissistic. This ‘mama bear’ nonsense is completely ridiculous. They established a pattern of this behavior since youth levels. Man I want to like Gio but by association this report makes it very difficult.

  7. Hey Heath cool stats bro, but please tell me how many Champions league caliber players Bob Bradley and Bruce Area had playing for the national team?? Its almost like when you have better players as a coach you get better stats as a coach. Wowww

  8. Jimmy cried me a River about losing a child. I get it. It’s a tough loss for the family but it does not give Claudio and his family an excuse to be an asshole.

  9. Claudio Reyna sacrificing his career and reputation to prevent a Berhalter rehire.. What a patriot. 🇺🇸🗽🦅🇺🇲

  10. Why is this still being talked about? WC was months ago. Clearly, there was wrong done on both ends. So what ever family drama their families have, leave it between them and move on. At this point, it's just embarrassing for US soccer and it's fanbase. Another way for us to look mediocre to the rest of the football world.

  11. I get Gio is very talented and plays for a big club but what did he and his parents really expect? He had played almost no role in qualifying. Greg gave him the Japan and Saudi Arabia friendlies and he played pretty poorly. Maybe saying he "looked like Maradona" after Mexico went to everyone's head a little bit.

  12. Gio has yet to show signs of moving past. The whole goal celebration back at Dortmund- plugging his ears, hushing people is still childish. If it leaked that you moped around during practice while repping the US at a WC, and your parents then did the unthinkable in your defense? then the first order of business is demonstrating you can be a true professional and an adult.
    Gio: find some other role models in your life.

  13. Is anyone gonna acknowledge that Berhalter's now wife punched him in the face first? That definitely matters when the incident is portrayed like Berhalter "hit his wife" as opposed to he reacted to being hit. You can argue that maybe he shouldn't have retaliated or that two kicks when she was on the ground was wrong, but the incident was portrayed like they were arguing and he just kicked her. I knew she hit first based on Berhalter's initial statement where he said "The argument turned physical, AND THEN I kicked her in the legs." None of these media members apologized for portraying him as someone who hit his wife just because they were arguing.

  14. My first instinct to protect my children would be to bring them away from the bad situation, not bulldoze anything and everything to get what I want. That more on the Reyna’s greed and capacity for bullying.

  15. I think you guys shouldn't rehire Greg anyway, but it doesn't take away the fact that this was a shitty thing to do by the Reyna's, no Greg shouldn't have done what he did years ago, but theyve clearly moved past that (the fact theyve been husband and wife 20+ years and theres no other reports of DV, says something) the reason Greg shouldn't be rehired is hes an average coach

  16. Highest winning percentage is misleading. We played sooo many weak teams in Berhalter's stint.
    What were our results against top 20 teams?

  17. Hopefully that finding allows Gregg to move on (without suing USSF) and get hired somewhere else, and USSF to get their sh!t together and hire a proper manager. 
    I believe the Reynas were idiots for not participating and have behaved shamefully, but not participating in this inquest should not be held against someone; the 5th amendment is a cornerstone of our system of laws.
    It's funny to hear about nepotism with Jay Berhalter as Head Coach of the USMNT…. oh sorry I mean Gregg, Jay's brother. Jay was the one who hired Gregg.

  18. Hopefully Gregg AND his wife sought help. Smacking a partner in the face is totally unacceptable. Period. Domestic violence is not only a male issue.

    But apparently they moved on decades ago, so this is their thing.

  19. Ranking Berhalter against US coaches is meaningless, rank him against international coaches and lets see where he stands.

  20. Agree with Hollywood Pearce that these uninhibited interactions with the USSF from parents to USSF staff about their kids needs to have some type of preventative protocol in place.

  21. There is no excuse the mama bear argument isn’t valid here. Gio is an adult professional player and this isn’t a u13s this is the fucking national team. I don’t want to see the Reynas involved with the team at all for a while even Gio needs to be out for a bit

  22. Why do we need both a sporting director and gm. Seems like both roles were pointless What exactly do they do for a national team level?

  23. Well the USSF said Berhalter is still open to being the coach. So hopefully they won't go down that road, but it is the USSF…

  24. Eh, I'm kind of over it. Only thing clear IMHO was that the USSF were pretty much rubber stamping GGG as manager and likely wanted to do so at the end of 2022. This whole issue derailed that. Wild. See so many people – myself included – that thought you need a new manager/upgrade. But the USSF was 'all in' to bring him back even though it's been DISASTROUS for the USSF with 2 term managers. They were going to do it…

  25. Jimmy, your just not right about thinking that the Reyna's tragic and horrific loss of a young child decades ago somehow makes their totally inappropriate demand for special treatment for second child understandable, even maybe justified? No. Moreso, the loss of the child should have resulted in greater perspective and maturity in Claudio and his wife. They should be able to keep soccer decisions in perspective — knowing that whether Gio played or not he was alive, healthy, and already making enough money to provide for him for the rest of his life. They should viewed Gio as lucky, and have counseled him to buck up and be an adult. They should have accepted any decision USSF/Berhalter was making and be grateful that Gio was invited to a world cup at his young age.

    No sir. Losing a child does not at all make their behavior understandable. It is fact unrelated.

  26. I feel like there is a lot of excuse making for the Reynas. "Mama Bear" can defend her "cub" when he is 8 and getting bullied on the playground but trying to ruin a friend's life because your son is acting like a spoiled brat is not "Mama Bear" behavior. When I was a 20-year old man, and not a "cub", I would have been so embarrassed and frustrated if my mother had tried to manipulate a coach to get me more playing time.

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