Un día en la vida de un jugador de fútbol de la División 1 | Clemson

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40 opiniones en “Un día en la vida de un jugador de fútbol de la División 1 | Clemson”

  1. Love seeing Clemson Soccer get some recognition for how much they have accomplished. As a Clemson soccer fan, I also love Clemson football but the soccer team doesn’t get the love and support they deserve from the Clemson sports fans. There national champs for heavens sake. Love the vids! Go tigers! ❤️

  2. Hate laplata when I was I was HS we were always the 2 best schools for wrestling they took my dual state championship in 2007 great to see a MD school tho

  3. It looks like a amazing experience. I would love to go to Clemson for golf but I know their sporting programs are elite in general so its so hard. Congrats on making it tho and keep pushing!

  4. Soccer is my game! I just got accepted to Clemson yesterday. I’m finding a way (scholarship/aid) to attend the school, no luck till now, but I’m still hoping!

  5. nice to hear and see somehow who is also from Maryland. Hopefully I can go somewhere like clemson to play soccer one day too🤞🏽

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