Informe de Yates explicado: Abuso ‘sistémico’ encontrado en el fútbol profesional femenino | Fútbol Américas

Jeff Carlisle de ESPN FC se une a Sebastian Salazar y Herculez Gomez en Futbol Americas para reflexionar sobre los hallazgos de la investigación de Sally Yates, que encontró abuso sistémico y mala conducta en el fútbol profesional femenino. ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN+: ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN FC en YouTube:

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26 opiniones en “Informe de Yates explicado: Abuso ‘sistémico’ encontrado en el fútbol profesional femenino | Fútbol Américas”

  1. The country that is World Cup/Olympia champs rife with creeper coaches (and the token American) from Mother England (and Northern Ireland)

  2. The so called country lecture other countries for human rights.. deeply concerned about human rights in US..

  3. Systematic abuse? 🤬 so soft
    Children and woman shouldn’t be professional athletes …… verbal abuse 😂
    Watch any NFL game…. Verbal abuse form coaches 😛

  4. I worry that the house-cleaning is being done by burning down the house. Women's football (soccer) in the U.S. seems to be so focused on scandal, lawsuits, protests, abuse, investigations, coverups, and wrongdoing. Year's of negative stories have overshadowed the positives over the last few years. I crave leadership that can move things in the right directions without destroying what has been accomplished in the sport. The cumulative shade and negativity is adding up.

  5. This comment section is pathetic and proves not enough people care about the safety of women. They don't know the details of the investigation and won't have an ounce of care.

  6. I’m not sure what is more shocking: The abuse, the cover-up, or the obstruction of the investigation.

  7. As a father and grandfather, this ABSOLUTELY disgusts and infuriates me! And the fact that this is so widespread in the NWSL along with other women sports is mind blowing. Women's gymnastics, college sports, etc. How sad and disheartening. These people should not only NEVER be allowed to coach again but should be charged and held accountable for the crimes they committed. OR, maybe let the dads, friends, boyfriends husbands handle it. Hmmmm kinda like Richard Ramirez (nightstalker) was dealt with.

  8. The really scary aspect of this report is wondering how many girls gave up their dreams because of such abuse. How many Alex Morgans or Sam Mewises or Crystal Dunns did not make it through to shine?

  9. This is the literal embodiment of the word pseudoscience. If you are educated or in any way a scientifically-literate person and dig into the research methodology, you will laugh and laugh and laugh. This is why middling IQ people who try to sound intelligent when they say "herp derp do you reject SCIENCE???" with that smug tone…they are accidentally revealing themselves as midwits.

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