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  1. Damn USA soccer team is good but it seems thats all they will ever be.
    Just good.
    Not great or excellent but good

  2. @xxadnanxx12
    USA will never be anywhere near as good as the top international teams unless the US fully embrace football and it becomes their most popular sport. That's just how it works.

  3. @xxadnanxx12 noo not in the coming 10 years but after 15 years or sommeting like that
    if you watch the talents from spain netherlands an germany
    there is a realy good generation coming

  4. @SRB3445 you know that half of the usa team play for english clubs? and that they beat brazil ,italy and france ? and im from the UK .LIVERPOOL FC till the day i die

  5. USA is a good a team!
    but PORTUGAL, SPAIN, GERMANY, ENGLAND, NETHERLANDS, ARGENTINA, FRANCE, BRAZIL, ITALY is much more stronger!EUROPE always have good players and big clubs!!
    the USA team need more experience and time to play like this teams!!!(just my opinion)!

  6. @thefastshuffle
    'the US fucking dominated its group.'
    You are the reason people hate yanks, you know nothing but you act as though you do. The USA did not dominate its group at all. And the USA squad was not one of the best teams in the world cup, get real.

  7. @0500666111 USA is growing but you know what makes me sad is seeing the USA play @ home and all you see is mostly the opposite team's jersey. For example when they play Mexico, Poland, Brazil etc., I would like to see the 90% of USA jerseys in those televise games.

  8. @Junkaria What does it matter what the game is called. Even if you call it "pull my pinky," the US fucking dominated its group.
    Ghana is a good team. If the US can get past Ghana, everybody better watch out.

    This is the best damn US team I have ever seen and one of the best teams in this worldcup. Good luck Team USA!!!!

  9. @Junkaria We understand you call it football, but we have a different meaning for that, in which we entirely care about OUR football sport more than anything. Soccer just so happens to be on the bottom of our DGAF list.

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