El acuerdo de igualdad salarial del fútbol estadounidense es significativo | ABCNL

Janai Norman de ABC News habla con la columnista de deportes de USA Today y colaboradora de ABC News, Christine Brennan, sobre el acuerdo laboral histórico sobre la igualdad salarial para los equipos nacionales de fútbol femenino y masculino de EE. UU. ABC News Live Prime, los días de semana a las 7EST y 9EST VEA la transmisión en vivo de ABC News aquí: SUSCRÍBASE a ABC NEWS: vea más en ME GUSTA ABC News en FACEBOOK SIGA ABC News en TWITTER: #uswomensoccer #equalpay #labordeal

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34 opiniones en “El acuerdo de igualdad salarial del fútbol estadounidense es significativo | ABCNL”

  1. This woman walking around talking like the rest of the world gives a damn about their virtue signalling. The US women walk around playing plumbers, house cleaners, and maids and think they are actually doing something by winning against people taking soccer like a side hustle to earn extra cash. Bottom line is they get money the do not deserve and that is it. This is not a victory and no one in their right mind envies you clowns trying to prop up womens sports as though its relevant.

  2. Man aren't going to benefit because they are actually the ones bleeding money. To enable the women's team. Who need a child care bonus if he could make way more without it. Let be honest this woman are just proving how much man have to sacrifice to make them feel better

  3. Equality is crying and emotionally blackmailing men to give you their wages and then still taking a little something for yourself! Sounds like these are women from the 50's. 😂😂😂
    Equality is the most privileged in society playing victim and brow beating others into get even more. That's modern feminism.
    Karen's will be Karen's.

  4. I agree with Christine Brennan… We couldn't care less about women's soccer. No, this contract doesn't change the viewership in the slightest.

  5. I love women and support them but how am I not understanding how unfair this is to the men? People watch mens soccer, nobody watches women’s soccer aside from 🇺🇸

  6. Fallacy. The women already had an equal compensation contract. However, this new one, they are being compensated more than the men. So it is not an equal pay agreement. FYI, it isn't equal pay, it is equal compensation.

  7. I think this is great for women but from a financial standpoint it's a terrible idea because women's soccer gets less viewership and attendance which will cause more teams to go broke, we saw this with the WNBA.

  8. is this a joke? Basically men are being forced to pay alimony and women are dependent on men (again) for their finances.
    The womens team already were being paid 6mill dollar more than the men's team

  9. Absolutely asinine. US men's soccer is in family court. Salary is based on revenue. Revenue from fans drives payment for players. It's a stupid economic model. No the women don't deserve it. Their game doesn't pull in the revenue and they are far less skilled.

  10. This is idiotic. People generally want to watch the best athletes compete. Women's sports is like watching little league. If women expect equal pay in sports, they need to put asses in seats and sell tickets.

  11. The USMNT are a bunch of feminised testicle missing dummies, why would they give away nearly half of their tournament prize money, lets hope this deal bankrupts USSF so this woke, magic economic organisation learns basic reality and real economics.

  12. This is a political play against FIFA. We forced FIFA to kick Russia out just because. Now we are making fun of FIFA paying women $4 million if they win versus men getting paid $38 million if they win. Why? FIFA dropped rights to EA Games. THAT is what this is really about

  13. I fully support the ability for compensation based on revenue. There should be a set base pay without what is generated from the Male tournaments. Earnings based on winning should go directly to the individual teams I.e The girls should make more bonuses because of what they’ve done on the field and that should be built into the contract of USA soccer. My argument has always been that there’s a reason the G league teams don’t make as much as their counterparts in the leagues above them. They work just as hard and have just as big of dreams. Piggybacking off of the NBA to me would be nonsensical. To that point, Ialso don’t think That the men’s gymnastic team should get the same as the women’s team based off what they bring in. No one should try to base their preferred income off the likes of Symonne Bryoles intake. Male models shouldn’t be crying about Heidi Klum and Gretchen’s money because they are not bringing in as much. But congratulations to them Can’t blame them for a milking the system. 😁

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  15. Thank you so much ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽May good continue to bless you thanks for the 0.2 btc

  16. I disagree 100% men soccer is way to great and professional like it should be? Girls soccer is a joke that's why they won 3 championships? it's like who ever has more durability wins the🏆 I still won't watch it and I should there's pretty Girls there but nope!!!!! Equal pay should be on raitings

  17. Makes zero sense. The people watching sports pay them. Women don’t get the views or the support because they’re not as good as men and therefore don’t get the views and the money. Where does the money come from??

  18. Nothing would please me more than to see the men's nt miss out on the 2026 world cup.

    I guarantee if the uswnt have to take some of their cash and pay them mens then it will be anarchy

  19. I tell ya what. put the mens team up against some 15yr old boys and if the men lose like the women did (smashed btw) they can have equal pay. Seems fair.

  20. So the women will take half of the money the men make a majority of

    Sounds like marriage and divorce without any of the former's benefits

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