Japón expone las debilidades del USMNT | Resumen y análisis de amistosos internacionales

Después de una devastadora derrota por 2-0 ante Japón, Jimmy Conrad, Charlie Davies y Heath Pearce resumen la acción de Alemania y analizan lo que salió mal para los EE. UU. y quién, SI ALGUIEN, se destacó para Stars & Stripes. ADEMÁS, lo que también esperamos para la puesta a punto final antes de la Copa del Mundo. 01:50 USMNT avergonzado 10:10 ¿Quién está dando un paso al frente en tiempos de necesidad? 19:06 Conclusiones positivas (si se les puede llamar así) 25:27 La actuación de Jesús Ferreira 33:22 La diatriba inicial de Charlie 39:41 ¿Quién puede ir 1 contra 1 con un defensa? 47:38 ¿Japón Men vs USMNT Boys? 54:16 Desglose individual #usmnt #ussf #internationalfriendly #japan #greggberhalter #germany #tyleradams #christianpulisic #westonmckennie #joshsargent ‘In Soccer We Trust’ está disponible en Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Castbox y donde sea que escuches a los podcasts. Siga al equipo de In Soccer We Trust en Twitter: @ISWTPod, @JimmyConrad, @heathpearce, @CharlieDavies9, @PartidoPooper Para obtener más cobertura de fútbol de CBS Sports, visite Para saber más de CBS Sports Podcast Network, visite Para comprar In Soccer We Trust mercancías:

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30 opiniones en “Japón expone las debilidades del USMNT | Resumen y análisis de amistosos internacionales”

  1. this couple of months i watched out alot of matches from our group teams specially iran… and this games showed we are not really enough and so far even from Asia. saudi arabia is weak football team with low physical qualities but…. .. and now just a hope

  2. Seriously, you think this was lack of experience??? How about forcing a system on a group of creative players? Where's the free flow??? Gregg doesn't allow free play. These players are overloaded, thinking twice at every turn. Wh isn't Josh put in rather that Jesus?? Gregg refuses be wrong and or own it.

  3. Charlie made the best comment so far that explains the current state of this team…."We get the ball, then we think" perfect analysis Charlie!!!!!!

  4. Gio needs to play central. He needs to get more touches! I would have rather have had Morris/Arriola on the wing and Gio central and LDLT coming off the bench then what we had. And I don't rate Morris/Arriola!

  5. USMNT fans, IMO this team will fail at Group Stage in WC. Then USSF will conduct a fraud "search" for a new manager. They will appoint another MLS connected person and the failure cycle will continue. USSF is interested in one thing: Control. The fans must organize and start a USMNT Fan Association. With this tool we can bring pressure on USSF to select the Manager We think is capable! (How do we bring pressure? We demonstrate at MLS games and express our displeasure; we advance our position on INdependent Media; we withhold our support to MLS until our demands are met; we boycott MLS games, etc.)

  6. We tried to play our way out of the back, but we couldn't. Then, we didn't adjust our game. Inflexible!

  7. I'am not worried for the World Cup proud of our team and proud to be American🇺🇲❤️ COME ON TEAM USA🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  8. I'm a CMNT but I would like to see the US get out of their group. The US remind me of my club team last year West Bromwich Albion. Both teams had a very stubborn managers. They refused to change their tactics and both Valerian Ismael and Greg Berharlter are very rigid in their beliefs. I think the one advantage Canada has over Herdman's creativity. He'll abandon a game plan 20 minutes into a game, let alone changing the formation and tactics for the next match. The US isn't getting the most out of their talent.

  9. Let’s calm the fuck down Japan is a solid team everyone in the World Cup will be tough Argentina France Germany will not have an easy time and we won’t either. We had a bad game let’s fix it and move on I wish Greg was good e as well but he isn’t going anywhere let’s just move forward

  10. Jimmy asked what do you do when they allow Tyler and the CBS to dictate play and Charlie said it’s simple. Play wide or go long. And I can’t believe it takes a former high school winger to tell you and everyone else. The answer is change the formation and play with dual 6s in a 4231. Tyler Adams and Christian pulisc and yunus musah are our keys to success and Tyler has had immense success at leads bc he plays as part of duel 6 with Marc roca. So literally everything is able to do at Leeds he can’t do for our team bc GREGG is a STUBBORN, NARROW minded coach who’s someone tricked people into thinking he knows how to get the best out this group. If Tyler had the partner 6 he doesn’t have to dribble out of pressure musah can show for him in the half spaces which makes Japan step up higher leaving space under Heath for pulisc or Aaronson or a 9 to get a pass to feet then either play it wide or square or even behind the oppositions full backs. And if nothing else Tyler can press higher with coverage or stay back and defend then build the ball out sequentially and concisely. Then musah dribbles through the lines and plays the ball where he deems and we get it Christian who can break someone down one on one and shoot on target or play in a pass into the box. But it all goes back to the simple fact that I and many of us actually know a better general soccer formation and approach than our current coach and the players that should be used or called up, yet somehow we keep this depressing cycle of coaches that consistently show they don’t actually deserve to lead a team to a World Cup.

  11. we had damned little dangerous penetrating passes… we turned over the ball in our own half and we needed Turner to save our bacon over and over… short and sweet this looked awful and GGG is responsible for these tactics and they just didn't work

  12. I wouldn’t worry too much chaps. England were pretty garbage last night too. We’re just hoping these past 5 games are a blip . Lol.

  13. There was no Plan B. Plan A didn't work and the team balked in possession. Press on defense? That didn't work, and with the ball at their feet, they were lame and slow. Build out of the back? Square passes on top of the 18 is not "building out of the back"..

    First 10 minutes of each half were decent, but Japan figured it out and stopped them easily. US looked lost and our inexperience showed.

  14. Although I do think that Japan outperformed the US in this match, I am surprised at the hyperpessimistic reaction of US fans.
    The first thing you need to do is forget all about FIFA rankings. Anyone who studies the issue knows that the ranks of CONCACAF teams are artificially inflated relative to AFC teams; Asian teams routinely defeat higher-ranked North American opponents but there isnt enough inter-federation play for this statistical problem to correct itself. In the eyes of every "Asia expert" I know (and I used to be one of them), Japan and the US should be ranked even, or perhaps Japan should be a notch or two ahead. The prematch betting odds agreed. So theres no point in spinning this as a loss to a "lesser team".

    Having said that, I dont agree that there was that big a gap in quality. Japan simply succeeded in getting the US to play their style of football, and the coaches/players didnt react quickly enough. Japan loves it when taller, more athletically gifted teams try to play the ball out from the back or try to dribble through defenses. The whole Japanese game is built around team cooperation, to trap the ball and win it high up the pitch. The successful counterstrategy is to clear the ball out of the defense quickly and use speed, height and sheer muscle power to win it higher up the pitch. If you try to dribble forward one-on-one, the defender will simply sheep-dog you right into a teammate (As Japan did all day long), and if you try to play out from the back, the quick reflexes of guys like Maeda, Ito and Furuhashi will punish you for it.
    As you said in the opening (Around 1:45), the biggest problem was the failure to try the reliable old Route One. On the few occasions that the US did successfully push the ball down the wing and get a cross in, they created danger. But there were very few examples of that.

    What Im trying to say is that the response to this shouldnt be total panic. Japan took advantage of the fact that the US took them lightly, and got them to play EXACTLY the type of game Japan wanted. This does raise questions about the coaching, but I wouldnt see the final result as a total disaster, as this video suggests.

  15. Bottom line. Gregg's system failed. Then, not a single person on the USA side could figure out a plan B, the coach or the players.

  16. In fact,Japanese headcoach Moriyasu is hated by most of the soccer fans in Japan cause he has no tactics and also even some Japanese national players complained in the interview that in the national team there are no rules in attacking area and buildup.I’m afraid we Japan beat US not because Japan are good but because US are not good enough tbh,I’m sorry if you feel disgusted watching this comment

  17. Tyler Adams decision making on passes were really bad, to be honest our midfield as a whole was just out classed. We are missing Musah bad, he's very explosive in the midfield and is just disruptive he causes chaos that is needed in the midfield.

  18. You media folks didn't seem to mind when we barley managed to qaulify….Gregg has been given way to many chances

  19. 😂 😂 The suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked, that is what that "talented out of this world" team is!! 😂 😂 😂

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