¿Qué espera US Soccer de la USMNT en la Copa del Mundo en Qatar? | Fútbol Américas | FC ESPN

La presidenta de US Soccer, Cindy Parlow Cone, se une a Hérculez Gómez y Sebastián Salazar de ESPN FC en Futbol Americas para hablar sobre todo lo relacionado con US Soccer. 0:00 Actuaciones de USWNT en el Campeonato W de CONCACAF 1:09 ¿Oferta para la Copa Mundial Femenina 2027? 2:02 Igualdad salarial para el USMNT y el USWNT 3:08 Escándalos de la NWSL 4:25 ¿Expectativas para el USMNT en Qatar? 5:31 El nuevo contrato de Earnie Stewart 6:32 ¿Objetivos futuros? 8:13 ¿Quién debería liderar la federación de México? ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN+: ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN FC en YouTube:

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22 opiniones en “¿Qué espera US Soccer de la USMNT en la Copa del Mundo en Qatar? | Fútbol Américas | FC ESPN”

  1. She seems way more passionate about USWNT than USMNT, which is understandable but nothing grows the game of soccer in the US like the USMNT winning a World Cup. Plain and simple! so many people would become soccer fans, let alone drive profits! So many companies would line up for sponsorships if we can be one of the best teams in the world. Until then, all these other initiatives make very little difference. Surely, the youth system has grown and grown in competitiveness but kids will be more than willing to play if their national team is relevant in the world stage. We need a strong leader and a coach who can have high expectations. Until then, we won’t even dominate CONCACAF. We have a huge opportunity in 2026 to do well but we need someone better than Greg leading the team.

  2. The whole mentality of USMNT is dictated in Berhalter's brand positioning – listen to his pre-game speeches and halftime speeches he always says weak nonsense like, "we can compete guys!" What? You can compete? Your entire starting 11 play in the best league in Europe. Tighten up! "I believe that we will win!" Ew. You think the USWNT doesn't go into games thinking, "we are going to dominate!"? They do

  3. I expect the guys to make it to the Quarter Finals. In reality we'll probably barely escape our group and get thumped in the Round of 16.

  4. She's the president of US Soccer? No wonder less skilled, slower women team get paid same as men team. Woke WILL get you broke!

  5. england do bad in nations league with young players coming through and dont perform "finished" USWNT does bad in that tournament with young players coming trough "excited for the world cup" and we will win biggest double standards

  6. Increase access by getting rid of play by play! Guess what you won’t! USSF is more interested in growing profit than the beautiful game… Also convert tennis courts not being used to futsal courts.

  7. She wants to increase diversity in the game at the youth level, but one of the most important things you can do to make that happen is have the national team play everywhere. Not just in Ohio. You need to schedule games in Atlanta, and Seattle, and LA, and Miami, and Charlotte, and Chicago, and Salt Lake City, and Nashville. You have to go everywhere.

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