Desglose USA Sub-20 v Perú l Copa Revelaciones

La Selección Sub-20 de Estados Unidos de Mikey Varas se enfrenta a Perú en el partido inaugural de la Copa Revelaciones, como parte de su preparación para la Copa Mundial Sub-20 de la FIFA en Indonesia 2023. @tac y yo analizamos el juego, las actuaciones, las tácticas , resultado y mirando el próximo partido contra México. -No olvide visitar y usar el código de promoción BLEAV para comenzar. -Para ver más videos y contenido de USMNT, ve a -Echa un vistazo a nuestras geniales camisetas de USMN: ¡Ven a saludarnos! -Twitter: -Insta:

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11 opiniones en “Desglose USA Sub-20 v Perú l Copa Revelaciones”

  1. You need a good first game like that where you're tested and pushed about. Get the kinks out and figure out who you're playing and how to play them. getting a great result is a plus. Let's see how they finish! But starting like you finish is always a wish.

  2. I thought you guys underrated Sullivan over the summer. I didn't see him as a poacher at all, and can remember a few times he combined with teammates to take the ball all the way through the midfield. Maybe he doesn't always progress the ball by himself, but he combines very effectively with other players.

  3. Paxten Aaronson stepped on the field and one of the first things he did was cut through 4 defenders like a Medford Messito.

  4. Just saw the highlights and these kids look so young like barely hitting puberty lol 😅
    I mean yea u-20 but still these young kids have massive talent, let’s see how they play against the host.

  5. Peru fatigued toward the end of the half, the us was moving the ball quickly n relied on skill to play the game, peru relied on hard work and tons of effort thus seeing the dominant effort after peru ran out of gas

  6. That awkward moment when 11Yanks post game is better than ESPN's post game with former pro athletes and millions backing the show 😂

  7. Gentlemen,
    Thanks for covering this, I went to the US OFFICIAL page and there was no result posted, very lame!

    Secondly where can the games be watched.

  8. McGlynn benefits from a very stable Union team around him, where he knows the system. It allows him to make quicker decisions. His touch, however, is still top notch.

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