100 días para la Copa Mundial de la FIFA Qatar 2022, Stu Holden sobre qué esperar de USMNT | LA MANADA

Estamos oficialmente a 100 días de la Copa Mundial de la FIFA Qatar 2022, y Stu Holden, analista de Fox Soccer y exjugador, se une a Colin Cowherd para exponer lo que debemos esperar de la Selección Nacional Masculina de Estados Unidos. Stu explica si Colin debería estar preocupado o alentado por la juventud de la USMNT, y analiza la cultura de los fanáticos en el fútbol profesional. Stu también explica por qué este equipo puede ser el más hábil que hemos visto hasta ahora, y cuáles son sus predicciones mientras se preparan para enfrentar a algunos países grandes en la Copa del Mundo. #TheHerd #USMNT #WorldCup Descarga la aplicación gratuita FOX Bet Super 6: SUSCRÍBETE para obtener todo el contenido más reciente de The Herd: la nueva aplicación FOX Sports, creada para los fanáticos de los deportes modernos: ►Mira el contenido más reciente de The Herd: ▶Canal de YouTube de First Things First: ►Canal de YouTube de UNDISPUTED: ►Canal de YouTube de Speak for Yourself: ►Canal de YouTube de FOX Bet Live: ►Canal de YouTube de Club Shay Shay: ►Canal de YouTube de The Skip Bayless Show: ▶Canal de YouTube de Titus & Tate canal: ►¿Qué es Wright? con Nick Wright Canal de YouTube: Vea más de THE HERD: Me gusta THE HERD en Facebook: Siga THE HERD en Twitter: Siga THE HERD en Instagram: Siga a Colin Cowherd en Twitter: Acerca de The Herd with Colin Cowherd: The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a programa deportivo de televisión y radio de tres horas en FS1 e iHeartRadio. Todos los días, Colin te dará su opinión auténtica y sin filtrar sobre los temas deportivos más importantes del día. A 100 días de la Copa Mundial de la FIFA Qatar 2022, Stu Holden sobre qué esperar del USMNT| LA MANADA La manada con Colin Cowherd

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42 opiniones en “100 días para la Copa Mundial de la FIFA Qatar 2022, Stu Holden sobre qué esperar de USMNT | LA MANADA”

  1. That “Wales only has 1 good player, Bale.” comment literally just woke up Daniel James and Ramsey… we talk about them being small and unknown as if we don’t struggle beating El Salvador and Honduras lol I hope all this talk doesn’t bite us in the ahhh😩

  2. They way the talk about soccer is as if its some niche sport nobody playes, are we forgetting its the most popular game in the world?

  3. Gregg better bring the best roster…i mean best of the best roster…no excuse cause he got every sharp shooter that he want it n ball jugglers n hoppers.

  4. Quite funny how this guy thinks every other single team at the world cup don’t have sports scientists, data analysts etc

  5. As a soccer fan from this generation I can tell you this for sure, you dont need to hate the opposition like M.J and the bad boys did each other or even have such rivalry to be the best team. This USMNT has what it takes to play a distinct USMNT style with aggresiveness that overwhelms national teams like brazil, argentina and even mexico while outclassing the european teams like Germany, Italy, Spain and England in team work, tacticallly and fire power. Go Win It All Soon Fellas!!!

  6. For a season football supporter, this is really the equivalent of being in kindergarten and this lad, Holden, doesn't know anything about World Cup history. Of course there have been World Cup winning teams whose goalkeeping was suspect! Look no further than the 1970 Brazilian team with Felix on goal. It's clear this show is just using such basic talking points that would be otherwise embarrassing for real football aficionados.

  7. I can’t wait to see the Reaction in the US when Wales beat them in the first game. We’ve beat great teams like Belgium and beat top 20 teams in the world consistently. To still be saying it’s only Gareth Bale makes you look very uneducated

  8. When your pronounce it "Zero" rather than "Nill" it reaffirms that you still don't nor will you ever get Football terminology.

  9. Always good watching american people talking about football. It's like when a child tries to participate in a conversation with adults

  10. I’m not sold that this current team is better than the 09-12 US team with Dempsey, Donovan and Howard. I hope they prove me wrong!

  11. The US shouldn't be that afraid of England. We've got a deep bench in the forward line but the system we're using isn't capitalising on it. We can be shut out. If you set up to hit on the break you could get a result. Against Wales you're Dücked tho. Iran will be playing a cup final every game.

  12. Yeah man stop flopping and elbow some fools. Play smart but hard. Nothing is more intimidating than someone that isn’t afraid to get your hands dirty.

  13. Only rich kids are allowed to go play in development academies that's why 🇺🇸 will never win the World Cup because it's all rich kids that don't have passion for the game

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