The USMNT suffered a setback on the Road to Qatar on Sunday after losing 2-0 to their neighbors from the north. Jimmy Conrad and Heath Pearce lament the result, and get into Gregg Berhalter’s puzzling tactics and and post-game comments.

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  1. Canada has at least 7 players that can be ANY of the 3 => "Strikers"/"Supporting Strikers"/"Playmakers" that are YOUNG and of WORLD CLASS Calibre! A truly GOLDEN GENERATION! Good defenders and Very good Goaltending too!

  2. I think with a few weeks to think about it, Canada were more urgent about play and capitalized on their chances. The US is a good team but no urgency, it was predictable and slow motion. Also Canada can change strategy through the game while the US were stuck in the way they played. Is it a coach thing or are the players not buying into the strategy. All the good teams in the world cup will watch this game and will have a game plan against the US. The US needs to change strategy to get by the first round.

  3. Canada is just dominant right now. They are one of the best teams in the world, with depth in every line – world class in the defensive line and in the two motors up front. Not to mention the esprit to corps, digging deep on every play for each other, great creativity and group-intuition on quick one touch overlaps to cross channels and on through balls in transitions, incredible organization in defense,,, they're just the team to beat… Losing to them is no great shame.

  4. It wasn't even that cold. Had that game taken place 2 days earlier, it would've been -20°C. On the other hand, the game vs Honduras in Minnesota, it was -28°C with windchill! Poor Honduras.

  5. I thought that first goal was world class tbh… all one-touch reflexes, so quick US defense could not respond in time.

  6. I am disappointed in the Thrust of this analysis by former USMNT players Conrad and Pearce. This loss IMO is NOT a "setback" it is a Red Flag for us USMNT Fans that there is a Huge Problem with this USMNT! GGG is the problem. Unfortunately, Conrad and Pearce do not make GGG the epicenter of their analysis as to what went wrong in this game. The fact that our players had "no identity" or Plan and instead played as individuals instead of as a Team was GGG's Failure! Manager Herdman had a plan and his players executed his plan successfully. IMO this USMNT will limp into the WC but will be eliminated quickly in the Group Stage. GGG will be sacked but another MSL-centered Manager will be hired by USSF. USMNT Fans must organize and create a USMNT Fan Association to represent OUR Interests! If we don't we must swallow whatever USSF gives US!

  7. Let’s just take a second to recognize John Herdman. He built the Canadian WNT into an Olympic champion (ya, we all know the ref gifted the US gold in London). That core group he built claimed gold in Tokyo. Then, he took over a lacklustre MNT program and has it rocketing up the FIFA rankings on its way to first place in CONCACAF and headed the World Cup for the first time in 36 years.

  8. What's interesting is that as a Canadian fan, I actually thought the US played quite well and were 'the better team' in terms of attacking. Where they fell short was defending on our counter-attacks. We had our (Canadian) bacon saved more than once by two absolutely incredible world class saves from Milan Borjan. It could have easily been 2-2 if he hadn't made those stops.

    I would argue that we were very compact defending and swarmed the ball and quashed chances from the US quite effectively. Even our strikers were playing quite deep into the defensive midfield. We also had the 12th player on the pitch… Our fans were LOUD. REALLY loud. That weighs on you as you all know – especially when you go down 1-0 early in the game.

  9. I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know it isn’t GGG. We shouldn’t wait until the sky is falling because then it will be too late.

  10. Heath starting at 21:20. This is exactly what the USMNT is facing!!! They deliberately chose to become a certain type of team, as he explains by comparing it to what he and his teammates used to face against the Spains of the world. US wants to be like Spain…not the like the defensive shell practiced by those who simply can't compete with the best. And the very hardest and final step is figuring out when and how to take a chance based on your possession game, and all the necessary steps by different players flowing into each other!

    They do not have the players to execute this, yet. If they had more veterans from previous 4-year window to help with it, maybe. But their relatively young squad probably needs another 4 years of practicing this before they become what US Soccer has laid out as the future vision! Do not blame the coach! Do not blame the players! This is hard stuff to redfine entirely the way you will play your best football, and it is a correct decision, it is the only way to compete on the World stage as a real power, which is what USA wants.

  11. I just wanted to say I really enjoy watching you guys. The chemistry is good. Obviously your knowledge is second to none. I like that you are not afraid to say that the US is not always the greatest thing since sliced bread. What would be super-cool given both of your playing careers, is more insight into the mindset of the players after a result like the loss to Canada and what you think will properly motivate them for The Honduras game.

  12. McKennie is awesome, wish we had him on our team. Rest of the US team looked so poor, hopefully they win their next match or they’ll seriously be in trouble to qualify.

  13. First of all, as a Canadian of Dutch descent who has lived in the US for half my life, I actually follow both teams very closely. I want to make something very clear, Canada is not a one trick pony. They adapt to the team they are playing and then in-game they adapt to what is happening in real time. They played in a low block because they got the lead early. Had they not scored early, Canada would have looked for more possession. Forget Davies for a second, not having Eustaquio available had a far bigger impact on their style of play than the opposition. Had Canada not scored early then the strength of the US midfield (world class) could have imposed themselves on the game. But they were rendered ineffective as soon as Canada scored because GB does not know how to change tactics in-game.

  14. So WTF was Turner doing trying to launch an 85-yard goal kick into the wind in 20 degree weather? If that WAS Gregg's tactic then we're really being managed poorly. Dear God!!!

  15. Why are we making excuses? Canada is a good team. They have a much better coach than we do. But do you honestly think this USMNT team could get out of a group stage in Qatar right now? This team has no direction and no identity, not trying to bash Greg, but I am very disappointed with the direction of this team.

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