One Nation: Meet U.S. Soccer Supporters Barra 76

Established in 2019, Barra 76 aims to be a family for Spanish-speaking USA fans and anyone looking to support the red, white and blue.

Establecido en el 2019, la Barra 76 busca ser una familia para aficionados de USA que hablan español y para cualquiera que apoye al rojo, blanco y azul.

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44 opiniones en “One Nation: Meet U.S. Soccer Supporters Barra 76”

  1. Im puertorican american, and i always will support the USMNT, Dios bendiga USMNT 🇺🇸 y su fanaticada.

  2. So proud our soccer has developed for the male division. Viva estados unidos! Futbol para siempre! USA!!!!!!

  3. Support the team from the country where “you” live not where your parents are from. Chicanos are not Mexicans. They are Americans of Mexican decent. We speak spanglish. My cousins in Oaxaca always introduce as their American relatives. I can barely understand my grandparents. told my father that I was supporting the team of the country where I was born.

    It took him awhile to come around and respect my decision. My mother told him that they came to the USA for a better future for their children. That we should want our children to embrace American culture as that is their future not Mexico. Cheering for the USA was a good thing.

    Today, my father and I have a healthy rivalry when the US plays Mexico. He even cheers for the USA against everyone else.

  4. With all the divisiveness and nonsense in our country, something comes along which reminds me why I love my country.

    Gracias, Barra 76 – con Amor profundo. ¡Viva las Estrellas y las Bandas!

  5. American Outlaws and Barra 76 supporting US soccer as one – couldn’t ask for anything more – let’s grow the sport!

  6. hope they start chapters like american outlaws… AO Dallas, AO Kansas, etc… now B76 Houston, B76 Chicago, etc.

  7. as a Mexican American I enjoy going into a livestream of nothing Spanish speakers watching the game in favor of Mexico and I just bust out my Spanish saying "vamo USA" etc etc lmaoooo gets Mexican fans riled up.

  8. AO + Barra76 can only make things stronger. United for our USMNT 🔥 as long as this isn’t USSF trying to be woke

  9. I'm happy that we have Barra 76. This means a lot. I'm sure the Latino kids growing up going to games will see them, too, and hopefully it may leave some imprint in their minds for when they decide what national team to play for. I know which supporter group I'd join without hesitation now if I chose to.

  10. We have chapters in Los Angeles, Miami ,Fresno,Chicago, Dallas Austin,Phoenix, El paso soon New York, Cincinnati and Las Vegas

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