US Soccer Hooligans Sing Little Peggy March's "I Will Follow Him"

Following the 1-0 win over Algeria, American soccer hoolingans took to the streets of New York to celebrate.

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34 opiniones en “US Soccer Hooligans Sing Little Peggy March's "I Will Follow Him"”

  1. You mean sportsfans, celebrating their team in a cheerful manner. People might find it annoying a bit, but, nah. Hooligans for the football addicted nations… those are the psychos that beat the shit out of the rivals, among other disturbances, damage to public and private property, deaths, random violence and collateral damage.

  2. Let us have a minute of silence for our holy football culture in Europe.. this just kills "Hooliganism".

  3. Hooligans you say?!?! This is just a few Americans singing in their own country that if you put 50 Milwall, Galatasaray, Dortmund in there they'd run away.

  4. It was bound to happen – this is what happens when Elijah Wood stars in a footy film……….

  5. this is hools for you ?????? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha damn you dont know what means to be a hooligan xD

  6. I'm from Philadelphia and wow this is just pathetic, coming from a of AEK21, bayern, and fans of the craziest ultras…and this…This is just awful…stick to the Cowboys…hooligans? I'm not even commenting of this being any sort of hooliganism

  7. 15 punks singing a rediculous song, doesnt mean they are hooligans. probably an american putting this shit up. haha !

  8. omg america had a new chant for a minute then they went back to the shitty dum as fuck usa chant 

  9. these are fans not hools

  10. Soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer UMAD? Soccer soccer soccer. Don't hate the US for calling it that blame the English they started it ;P

  11. Ignore him mate,I've been to Ireland I know they have firms,Me and my mates even rumbled with a few of them,I'm not going to lie and say they're the top firms of the world but they can more then hold themselves and they're more organised then the likes of Spanish firms who just beat the fuck out of each other in the street these lads organize them away from the ready eye.That John Taylor bloke hasn't a clue about firms so just ignore him,Hungary have good firms too in case you're looking.

  12. Off the top of you're head you couldn't name me one Irish football hooligan firm, you would have to go and look it up. So stop talking fucking shit. Yeah there is always a big Irish firm following the national side isn't there LOL. Ive never heard of one incident involving Irish hooligans following the Republic of Ireland anywhere in the world. So shut the fuck up.

  13. even the German 3rd league hools would give this hools hell you blaming your self by calling you hooligans it would be better when you switch the title xD

  14. you better pray all mentioned dont have oil, cause theese dudes will come with guns n shit :))

  15. no! holland has one of the most hardcore hooligans of the world man in holland begon the violence in the soccer and that is a fact

  16. I only say that because we have the top athletes in the world. Unfortunately they play american football and basketball instead. Once they see they'll make more money playing association football they'll switch. The US will at least be as good as like Portugal in 20 years.

  17. and you can fuck off. If anyone will take over global football it'll be Germany.

    although thank you for saying 'Football'


  18. West Ham, Spurs, Millwall, Chelsea, Leeds, Even teams such as Barnsley and West Brom, not known for fearsome firms, would knock this lot into next week

    Think Foreign too, Spanish, German, French, Italy, Dutch, Serbs, Swedes, Croats, Russians, Brazilians, Egyptians are all nutters but top hooligans.

    Just not this mob

  19. Dozey yanks, there ten years behind. Ohh well at least there coming of that shit egghand game they play!

  20. "WEEEEEEE….." LMFAO I've never seen anything like this before. I was expecting " WEEEEEE….Wish you a Marry Christmas". That would at least be much more appropriate and believable.

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