42 opiniones en “Weezer: "Represent" – the unofficial U.S. Soccer anthem”

  1. its tough watchin usa i love em im american just want them to rise above the other greats of spain brasil ect…

  2. well.. that is where you are wrong standup4america1… i really dont want ANYONE who does not like soccer, to cheer THE GAME. i just want them to go stay at the baseball game or american football ….nba.. just stay there. i dont want you and we dont need you.
    and that is just my opinion.

  3. the men's tournament is a u23 event with a few older players allowed on the roster…it's not the same squad and the USMNT.

  4. @standup4america1 welcome to the uphill battle of being a soccer fan in the united states. the only way they fill the stands is if the "away" country is given unlimited ticket sales. sucks but it's part of the "underdog" status of soccer in this country. for both players and fans. but at least you can feel special! 😉

  5. @standup4america1 I know what you mean, I went to a US Ecuador friendly and the amount of Ecuador fans were crazy! Gotta represent the US so close to New York City!


  7. I love U.S. Soccer, but when I went to the U.S.-Brazil friendly in New York over the summer, I would say that at least 3/4 of the fans were Brazil fans. Don't get me wrong, I love Brazil too, but in the heart of our own country, the other team has more fans. Come on guys, even if you don't like soccer, cheer on your country!

    BTW this song is rockin Weezer is awesome!

  8. @ludekkZmrd u know The British who invented the sport nicknamed it Soccer? So…I mean are we calling it wrong….no

  9. @Headcheezonium true but england is under the pressure to win because "they have the best league, players" and so on

  10. I love how the we supports their team after getting eliminated. England however, Turned against their team. No matter how hard you lose, you should ALWAYS support your country!

  11. @BlastFromYesterday lol those aren't the only albums they made you know. although i agree they are the best, but it's annoying when people just recommend their first two albums that they made over 10 years ago when they have newer albums that actually aren't that bad.

  12. I love how the world supports the USA. they know how we are determined. How we are good enough to compete with the world. Go USA. lets get 2014

  13. @luvablekrazykat
    weezer has much much much much better songs. look up the blue album and pinkerton

  14. i think they played really well especially that last minute goal against Algeria.. omg that was sooo deserved they had missed so much attempts at goal… but the us were no match against Mama Africa!!!!! idk about 2014 but maybe 2018… hope they hold 2018 in us like they wanted!!!

  15. @PPPuuuDDDing that is an opinion. in all honesty i think there getting better.
    i'm not saying im right and your wrong. because i do see your point in how must they have changed. but for better or worse no one will know

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